How To Hold Facebook Parties: Download Checklist

Are you looking for a way to increase your sales, reduce your cancellation rate and reach more people with your business?

Try a Facebook party!Hold A Facebook Party

Facebook has become a social media giant and not only can you use Facebook to market your business, now you can hold parties on Facebook!

WHY Hold A Facebook Party?

  • Increase sales
  • Hold more parties each month
  • Hold a Mystery Hostess Party – offer those who place an order in your FB party the chance to be entered to win the hostess benefits!
  • Reduce Cancellations
  • Wintery Weather – not a problem anymore!
  • Sick children – for you or the hostess
  • Not many people coming to the party – hostess can definitely OVER invite on a Facebook party!

How A Facebook Party Works

The process is simple. This is how a Facebook party works:

  • Set up an event in Facebook – everything happens inside the event.
  • Invite your hostess and have her invite as many friends as she’d like – no limit, she doesn’t have to worry about fitting them all in her living room!
  • Depending on how far out the party is, post something regularly – even daily in the event… without marketing!
  • Your lead up posts should be fun and informative – a quote, a picture, etc.
  • Greet every new attendee! Just like at a real party you should make them feel welcome!
  • Post the morning of, and an hour before to remind.
  • Post something on your wall, tagging your hostess about how excited you are for her Facebook party – her friends will see it! (about 15 minutes prior to the event)

Invited friends will see your posts, and if they haven’t decided on whether or not to attend the party, your posts might make the difference.

Once the event starts, everything is within the event.

Plan Your Facebook Parties Set Up

Your Facebook parties’ success depends on your set up and organization. You’ll need to spend time setting up the photos you want to post and creating at least one video.

To avoid confusion be sure to be clear on what you expect to happen during the event!

Here are examples of what to post in the event:

  • Post a You Tube video of a popular song and let the guests “jam” before you start
  •  Welcome video – using the hostess’s name, welcome them, let them know how it will work and that this is going to be fun
  • Ask for participation by “liking” or commenting – put names into a drawing for a free prize
  • Quick video clip (3-5 min) about your product, monthly special, delivery – any important details
  • Show images of products you want to focus on, customer special, hostess benefits, new teammate perks – topics you’d be sure to cover at a home party
  • Extra posts – follow you on your fan page, Pinterest, Twitter…
  • Stop in the middle and post – Are you having fun? What’s your favorite __?
  • Optional second video of a product or testimony
  • Special incentive if they order before a certain time
  • Let’s shop – add your online shop page or email for orders, remind them of the sale/special
  • Listen while you shop – post another song link
  • Let them know when the party will close, how to get in touch with you
  • Thank you!

Facebook Party Tips

An online party can be successful and remember that it takes effort just like a live party.
Print Or Download Facebook Party Checklist
8 Online Party Tips:

  1. Have everything ready BEFORE the event – take the time to set it up, then you can use it over and over!
  2. Post daily leading up to the event.
  3. Post the morning of the event and an hour prior.
  4. Tell people how it works and what they should do.
  5. Have everything ready BEFORE the event – take the time to set it up, then you can use it over and over!
  6. Make your photos FUN, Colorful and Inviting! Use sites like Picmonkey to add text or make collages of multiple images.
  7. Make your own ecards (so popular on Facebook) and create it around your product/hosting/business
  8. Create a word doc to have all of your posts typed out and what picture you are posting with it so you can copy and paste right into the event to help you go faster once the event starts

Did YOU Ever Hold An Online Party?

Facebook parties are a great EXTRA for your business but by no means replace the in home parties. (I just want to make that “disclaimer”) :)

What kinds of tips can you share about holding and online or Facebook party?

Did you ever have one?
If so, please share in the comment section below about your experiences!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    You would create an even on the Facebook page then invite people. Go to the pasge and click the more button then select events and create one.

    Check your Avon policy too.

    Shared by: Nicole:

    How does one create a hostess party via their Avon page?

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hi Sheila – I don’t think there is a specific time as a rule but what ever is working for you keep doing it.

    A LIVE party ‘talk time’ should not exceed 45 minutes so I am pretty sure that would apply online as well. The live show that stays open a day or so also always gets more sales so having the next 24 hours to gather more orders is perfect. Coach your host to share the link just like you would coach a live host to continue to share the catalogs.

    It sounds like it is working for you so keep fine tuning it!

    Shared by: Sheila:

    Any thoughts on how long a FB party should be? I see so much lately saying no more than 30 minutes. I’ve only had 2 FB parties, but would have lost sales at 30 mins. My last party was 2 hrs, but due to the host wanting to keep it open, I posted that “the official party time and games have ended, however shopping at ___’s online party can continue until tomorrow night at 8 pm”. And then I would just make some sporadic posts throughout the remaining period. I’m so new at this.

    Shared by: Micah:

    Aw, this was an extremely good post. Spending some time and actual effort to produce a good article… but
    what can I say… I hesitate a lot and never manage to
    get anything done.

    Shared by: Janet Barclay:

    I’m not in direct sales myself, but I like the idea of a Facebook party. I’ll have to ask if that’s an option the next time someone asks me if I’d like to host one.

    The style of the outdoor lighting is also important because they will be visible during daytime.
    Some people are still asking the question about whether to go
    with low voltage or high voltage outdoor lighting. Trend-wise, blues, greens, aquas, pinks and purples are evolving on the color palette in the home.

    I read this paragraph completely on the topic of the resemblance of latest and preceding technologies, it’s awesome

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Well, Carol – I do not know if everyone decides in advance… I guess you could take a survey of attendees.

    I did a good bit of research on live online meetings by being the attendee. Never personally decided in advance what to buy though. If you get any feedback, let me know!

    Shared by: Carole Brown:

    This is great information Deb! You are inspiring me to give it a try… Do you find the guests have already chosen their ourchase before the party? My mind is whirling….

    Shared by: Kim:

    I have had a few online parties. This article will help me fine tune them more. I already have a word doc but it still needs some tweaking. Thank you!!

    Shared by: Lauren Kelly:

    Good information on setting up the party. Wasn’t really sure where to start…now I know. Thanks!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Technology and online marketing takes just as much time as offline… it is a compliment not a replacement, so don’t plan to have instant results, Linda! You need to just get started, learn something small, give it a try, put a system in place then try something else, and continue to add to your knowledge.

    Let me know what I can do to assist!

    Shared by: Linda Rennie:

    Same as with online parties, I need to get updated and learn how to use the computer for my benefit, so I can serve others with the service and knowledge they so deserve. My focus for 2015….start taking the time to learn computer….

    Shared by: Kathy Nicholls:

    I have a lot of fun with Facebook parties. I always coach the hostess to personally invite her friends, not a blanket invitation. Guests want to feel special about their invitation! Love these tips and the list!

    Shared by: Mandy Voyce:

    I have just set up to do Facebook parties. Now just need to find some hostesses. I will be using these tips to get EVERYTHING organized for it.

    Shared by: Melissa Koterba:

    I found this very informative for myself because I have never held a Facebook show. It had lots of great ideas that I can now use.

    Shared by: Jennifer Trapp:

    I am not too computer literate and, honestly, I hardly get on my FB page!! I had all my personal info stolen from my FB page several years ago and it was awful!!! If I ever feel safe about doing things like this on FB I will definitely use these suggestions!!

    Shared by: Jo:

    Will definitely follow this template when I do a FB party.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Karen, just put the word out on FB that you want to attend a FB party and you will get invited! That is what I did!

    Shared by: Karen Rowe:

    I feel intimidated by this because I haven’t done one. After reading the material, I feel less intimidated. I wish I could attend a facebook party first but plan on having them this year to help my business grow.

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    I stress to my hosts how important it is to private message each person to invite them, rather than just using the invite option on the event itself. It’s too easy for people to ignore those.

    Shared by: Rachel:

    I’ve been using a version of this template for a few months now and have brought in 400-500 per show. Hostess coaching is a big deal!

    Shared by: Rachel:

    I’ve been using a version of this the!plate for a few months now and have brought in 400-500 per show. Hostess coaching is a big deal!

    Shared by: Jennifer:

    Great article! Love the specifics and the fact that you did extra research.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Great – glad you like it. I know Scentsy has a template or formula that they provide! You are one step ahead of many, Lisa!

    Shared by: Lisa Owen:

    Some great tips!! I’ll be sharing them with my team!! A couple things aren’t allowed (personal specials & promotions) with my company but many of your ideas are very usable!! Thank you!

    Shared by: Jill Lynch:

    Apparently my smart phone isn’t very smart. Please forgive my autocorrections above

    Shared by: Jill Lyncj:

    It depends on your company. You are basically taking orders how you would if this were an online or catalog show. So for me, I have a personal website through my direct sales company where people can order online and pay online as well. If you don’t have that option you’d have to take their order and arrange for payment like you would for Amy outside orders.

    Shared by: joyce pacer:

    How do you collect the money for the orders, through Paypal?

    Shared by: Jill Lynch:

    A FB party isn’t “easy”, just convenient in a sense. But like any home party, your hostess needs to be motivated and coached. So the prep work is the same as far as hostess coaching is concerned. To have a successful FB party, hostss coaching IS important. The prep works then for the party itself is to have your photos/posts ready and engaging with your customers in the event leading up to the party (posts, videos, questions. As we’ve said it doesn’t replace home parties, but it allows you to increase sales for catalog parties, parties that had low attendance (offer a FB follow up party), parties ready to cancel due to weather, and individuals who just do not wish to have a home party but want the hostess benefits.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks for sharing that Jill – I would not expect a FB show to be easier… kind of like a catalog show they will open you up to those who may not be willing to have a live show but if you want them to be as good of sales as a live show it takes every bit as much effort!

    Shared by: Jill Lynch:

    The last FB party I held was almost $600 in sales and one new teammate! It does require some time to decide the photos you wish to use, the posts you want to make and the order of those posts. But once you have that determined, I suggest creating a separate file to keep all FB party pictures and a Word doc where you can create a list of the posts in order as you want to post them and behind that make note of what picture you are posting with it. Then when you are having the party, you can copy and paste the posts and quickly upload the corresponding picture to keep the party faster paced.

    Shared by: Mickey:

    I have often thought of doing an online party but did not know where to start. Do they really work, I mean do you really get submittable sales shows?!

    Seems like a bit of work and I wonder if it pays off?!

    Shared by: Jill Lynch:

    That’s a great idea! I’m actually going to hold a Cyber Monday FB party for my customers and offer a special incentive that night. Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year! Or you could do it on Black Friday and offer the comfort of shopping from home rather than battling the crowds and parking lots!

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    Last year I had a Black Friday Facebook party and did a mystery hostess drawing. I want to do it again this year and implement some ideas from this blog! Thanks!

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