Find Local Business Leads Online

Karen Clark supports direct sellers in social media marketing and creating their online presence.

Below is an excerpt of the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio when she shared with our fans on how to find local business leads online.

Local Business Leads Online

Yes, it IS possible to find local home party business leads using the internet.

Online leads do not have to be far away!

They can live in your home town, and even our neighborhood.

Listen to an 2 minute excerpt of the training event and read the other tips Karen shared below.

Local Business Leads OnlineThe Cash Flow Show Club members get every radio broadcast by download within 24 hours of each event.

Finding business online and generating leads in your own neighborhood is definitely possible.

Home businesses who reach out to local consumers will generate new customers in their own town or neighborhood.

Reach People In Your Neighborhood

It used to be that a large printed book of yellow pages was what consumers consulted when they needed to find a photographer, bookkeeper or realtor.

If they weren’t sure where to go for art supplies, books or pizza, they let their fingers do the walking.

The majority of today’s consumers locally and globally, however, turn to online searches and internet directories to find what they are looking for.

Within a few seconds they are given information about the closest service provider, restaurant or shop, along with real time customer reviews, ratings and “buzz” that influences their decision on which business to patronize.

Making sure that your business shows up in the search results is determined by whether or not you have your town, county or region listed on your website, blog, or social media profiles, as well as if you have a presence on several of the social networks online that are geared toward serving a local clientele.

List Your Business Online

What can you do to reach out online to local people in your own backyard?

Some of the most popular and higher ranking sites to list your business online for local results are:

Yelp is one of the most popular business rating, feedback and referral social networks online.

Because of its popularity, when your business is listed, your listing will have a powerful presence on the web.

Past customers and clients can write reviews and testimonials on your business profile, and potential new customers can find you, learn more about your business, and contact you.

The community of Yelp users is expansive and social, and connections are readily exposed to their friends’ favorite businesses.

Since Yelp users are directed to businesses closest to their chosen metropolitan area, local people are drawn to you and share your information with other local people.

When filling out a business owner profile on Yelp, be sure to thoroughly describe yourself, your business and your company mission, and include all of the extras such as photos of your product or service in action, and any special offers or announcements.

This network is truly a stand-alone community geared toward connecting local independent businesses with their neighbors.

Their platform allows businesses to create mini-websites, blogs, coupons and newsletters – free.

Consumers for whom it is important to use local business instead of chain stores or franchises appreciate being able to depend on Merchant Circle to steer them toward truly local, responsive companies, who offer them incentives to do business with them.

Emails to your local neighborhood go out on a regular basis, and your business information or coupon is included. Whether you have a website or blog already, creating a presence on

Merchant Circle is another powerful way to engage with your local community.

Google, Local Business Listings

Each of the three major search engines have local business listings where you can create a complete profile that outlines your business description, location, web addresses, categories and photos.

Take the time to submit your home business listing to Yahoo, Google and Bing LOCAL.

Customers can rate your service, leave a review or testimonial, and share your profile with their contacts.
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Creating a local account on the search engines requires verification by phone or mail and that adds credibility to each of the listings, since people know that the businesses listed are verified to be who they say they are.


    Shared by: Kathy Gover:

    Thank you for sharing great tips! I only recently started utilizing the web. (I’ve no patience online as I tend to get lost in ‘too much info’!) I first came across your site on LinkedIn & I now bookmark your tips & use them as a reference for my business. Thanks again! It is greatly appreciated!

    Shared by: Erica ardali:

    I really enjoyed this call and I am so happy that the highlights are listed here. Though I try not to spend to much time online, so I appreciated that this call helped me pinpoint key sites to target to get leads.

    Shared by: Kahne WItham:

    Wonderful article! I have many teammates asking how they can better promote themselves online. Starting with these main basics is a great focus. Especially with some that are so new to the internet or intimidated by it. Thank You! I would love to attend a seminar by Karen in the future!

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