On The Radio: Instagram 101

Instagram 101 – that’s what this radio segment is all about!

This week on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio the topic was “Social Media Marketing Beyond Facebook!”.

Our guest, Jilleysue McCarthy shared her strategies for using Instagram for business during the first half of the show.

I then discussed how I use Pinterest for business making it the top referring social site for the Cash Flow Show!

Listen to the first set here and/or visit the radio page to check the broadcast times and listen to the full show (through 7/21/15).

Instagram 101 For Business

In order to use Instagram to target your direct sales business it is important to be laser-focused on what your mission is.

Unlike Facebook you ARE allowed to have different accounts for your personal and business lives.

As a matter of fact you can have multiple business accounts as long as you have a different email address assigned to each one.

By setting up (at least) 2 Instagram accounts your images can be more specific to your business on your business page and more personal on your personal page. This also allows you to have public settings for your business images and private settings (if you prefer) on your profile.

When you are in business (and you are if you are reading this) it is essential that everything you do online in the form of marketing and business-specific focus be available to the public. You want your content to be searchable within the social site and also in the search engines!

Jilleysue discussed the basics….  simple Instagram 101 for business!

  1. Create 2 accounts: 1 business and 1 personal.
  2. Keep message laser-focused on your business page.
  3. There is only one clickable link on Instagram in your profile so make it good.
  4. Add value for your followers in the form of tips specific to your business.
  5. Don’t try to sell!!
  6. Build relationships and sales will follow!

Listen to the full show through 7/21/15 to hear the rest of Jilleysue’s tips and learn what Deb had to say about Pinterest for business.

The show IS content-packed!!


    Shared by: Carrie:

    Ever since listening to this program last month I have had 2 Instagram accounts…personal and business…and I’ve been amazed at the people who are coming to parties already prepared with their order because they saw my pictures of the different teas I was enjoying! Thanks so much Deb, Really appreciate you looking out for us all!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks ladies! Hope you listened to the full show because it was content packed!

    Shared by: Mary Hanus:

    This is probably the best trainings we’ve had! (Probably because it is one I really needed!) Thanks, Deb!!!

    Shared by: Norma:

    Awesome ideas and really made me think about an avenue I had not before.

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