Jilleysue On Instagram For Business

Most people these days are in Instagram but have you started to use Instagram for business yet?

This week (LIVE Wed. 7/7 – broadcasting daily through 7/21/15) on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio our topic is “Social Media… More Than Facebook!”

I will be discussing how I use Pinterest to drive traffic to the Cash Flow Show and our guest Jill McCarthy AKA Jilleysue will talk about Instagram for business.

Jilleysue is a social media strategist with a passion for Instagram.

Jilleysue’s Tips

Did you know that there are 300 million active users of Instagram and that out of the total users 75 million are on the mobile app daily?
Instagram For Business
Over 2 million accounts are being opened daily. Yes, Instagram.

I have been obsessed with this platform for over 2 years and it is the sole reason I have been able to really connect with so many people.

So many Direct Sellers focus their attention only on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong.

Facebook Fan pages are a great way to connect with your customers and hostesses and potential team members.

What Direct Sellers need to understand though is that we are in an industry that is very visual!

Instagram is just that.

A visual social media platform that started out as a photo sharing app and has not turned into the perfect place for people to market their direct selling businesses.

The Key to Instagram For Business

The key to Instagram is that it takes a specific strategy to build a following.

Here are some of my top tips for direct sellers getting started in Instagram:

  1. Set up a great bio targeting your ideal customer.
  2. Pick a user name related to your business. The name is searchable.
  3. Put your name in the bio.
  4. Include your website URL in your bio. If you do not have a website use your Facebook page.  This is the only click-able link in Instagram.
  5. Upload a professional profile picture.
  6. Make sure your settings are set on public.
  7. Think outside of the box. Make your posts stand apart from all the others.

As a direct seller it is important that you get Instagram right.

Instagram is not about sell, sell, host, host, join, join.

Instagram is about education, engagement and entertainment so that you build relationships.

Too many times, I see accounts where all the distributors are posting is hundreds of ads and join my business photos.

STOP! Just STOP the madness.
NO ADS! Do not sell.

Create a theme for your account, a strong message and a strategy that will entice your followers to turn on the notification settings so that they never miss a post.

Build relationships and business will come…. I promise!
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