Make A Smartphone App: Pin Your Site To Customers’ Phones!

The guest on last night’s home business radio show was Temoer Terry. Temoer is the Sr. Strategic Advisor for Appnotch and the co-founder of Pure Remy.

We discussed the latest direct sales technology that will upgrade your replicated website and stick a mobile badge on your consumers’ devices.

Listen to the full broadcast here and/or visit the radio page to check the show times for upcoming shows.

Make A Smartphone App

IMAGINE – YOUR replicated website turned into a replicated mobile app and YOUR badge on all your customers’ mobile screens!
One tap and they can call you, email you, visit you on FB or order!!

On the corporate level imagine your entire field with their own mobile badge on all their consumers’ phones!!

What would that do for your business?

The Next Generation Sales Technology

Using the AppNotch technology anyone can affordably make a Smartphone app for a personal site, a replicated website, a company’s entire field or as a team training tool. 

The reason this is sooooo perfect for direct sellers is that the site is NOT modified at all.

Compliance is not an issue because the app technology houses or frames your website exactly the way it is (including shopping cart) on the client’s phone!

Direct Sales Replicated App

Make A Smartphone App

As a distributor you can create an app just for YOUR site; as a leader you can sign on to distribute it to your whole team; or as a corporation you can get the app for the entire sales force at an extremely low price!

Instant Access Mobile App White Paper

  • A virtual brochure for the replicated mobile app
  • The full audio recording of this broadcast
  • Preview your website in replicated app

We never share your info. Privacy Policy

Think about it….
Make A Smartphone App

  • App frame includes YOUR phone number, YOUR FB page, links to YOUR shopping cart
  • Send a notice every month about why next month is the best month to host a party
  • Send monthly specials with links to sales pages
  • Push your newsletter or blog post into the app
  • The guest wants to reach out to you and they just tap the app.
  • Anytime you “push” a communication out it shows up in their mobile notifications
  • Every time they look at their screen you are right there
  • On-the-fence distributors can check out your site any time they want
  • Appeal to digital natives for sales, recruiting or bookings
  • The website is unchanged and still compliant with policy

I mean really… one booking, recruit, reorder or sale per month will pay for it!

Download the Cash Flow Show app here so you can see what it looks like and how it works.


    Shared by: Sandra Kydd:

    I also have a Face book page Tocara Fine Jewelry with Sandra Kydd. I am interested in this App , but am unsure if my company will allow it.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Well from the point of view of the direct sales company you need to check your policy guide and understand also that it is not changing the site. It is only housing the existing replicated site within the app.

      Sandra – we can talk, you can preview it and then we can approach the home office and see if they are interested on a corporate level.

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