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Karen Clark, author of the book series Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives is the guest in this segment of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio broadcast.

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We discussed online SEO for direct sellers.

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Karen’s Online SEO Tips

Most direct sellers overlook the search engines.  SEO (search engine optimization) is a complicated subject, but basically it is the techniques necessary for your website or a given page to show up in the search engines, preferably on page one.

Social Media for Direct Selling On Amazon

When you understand these 3 simple criteria, your content will become more search engine friendly and begin to do better in the search results.Social-Media-For-Direct-Selling-Representatives

  • Freshness Of Content
  • Match of words to keywords searched
  • Linking structure

These are just a few of the online SEO tips Karen shared for direct sales consultants:

  • Don’t forget keywords in your bio
  • Use keywords in the headlines
  • Include supportive content keywords under the headlines
  • Be conscious of keywords in Twitter posts, blog articles, Facebook posts, Pinterest pin board descriptions, on individual pins, youtube videos and pretty much everywhere online.
  • Don’t get carried away with hashtags! 3-5 hashtags is perfect.
  • Add location keywords whenever possible to attract local business!

About Karen Clark

Karen Clark spent 12 years working as a field distributor and has done it all both online and offline. Her simple yet profitable social media techniques are founded in experience.
Karen Clark
Social Media for Direct Selling On Amazon

She has been a keynote speaker at many direct selling conferences. A pioneer in using technology as a home-based business owner, her high-content presentations focus on social media strategies you can use to connect with people.

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