Start A Blog – Party Plan Blog = Fun!

When I say start a blog as a way to get bookings for home parties most people say –

“Whoa! I am too busy to start blogging too!”
“I cannot even imagine what I would blog about!!”

As a party plan or direct sales consultant you should use every marketing opportunity available to find business and a blog is just that…. another marketing opportunity.

The funny thing is that blogging makes all your other activities easier both online and offline!

Your blog or even just a static website with an easy-to-say, easy-to-type domain name is great for offline marketing. Imagine how easy it would be to tell people:  “Go to my website:”

When you have an easy-to-say direct sales domain name you can say it offline more often to generate web orders. You can use it in:

  • host coaching
  • during your show
  • at the store
  • anywhere

A blog also provides you with content to share and stream across your social sites.

As A Party Plan Consultant Why Blog?

Why Blog?You are probably thinking ‘Why should I blog?” when I am already so busy!?

The main reason that you should blog is that your affiliate site is basically the exact same content as all the other consultants as well as your home office’s site.

When Google does a search for someone they are looking for the most appropriate content online.

If  there is duplicate content then Google must make a choice. They pick one site to serve up based on other variables such as length of time online, incoming links or amount of traffic.

The result is that 9 times out of 10 the only site that appears is the home office’s site because all the affiliate sites were duplicated after the main site.

If someone searches for your company’s name and types: book a MyFantasticCompany party – chances are your site will not show up.

Party plan blogAs a blogger, you can create unique content that is in your niche.

Every blog post becomes a page that could show up in the search engines. You then link back to your sales site from your blog!

A blog is an ongoing sharing of information.

You can share about many topics that bring value and create desire for your products with links back to your site!

Think of each article as one more piece of real estate that Google can find!

Promote – Add Value Packed Information

Blogs can come in the form of helpful tips and hints, small summaries of articles pertaining to a particular industry, or small articles about a specific topic.

If you are in the home party plan business a blog is a very effective promotional tool.

I frequently get asked, “What should I blog about?”

You should blog about anything that brings value to your clients and can or would create desire in the market for your product, opportunity or services.

Blogging is a way of serving the public.

Your blog focus can be anything that is related to your product or niche.

Another article that may help you narrow your blog topic may be the one on getting started in public speaking.

How To Start A Blog: Pick A Topic

Your blogging topic should be specific to your business, not just your company but your own personal business. Think about:

  • What is your business personality?
  • What is your product line?
  • What is your niche market?
  • How can you bring value to your customers?

You are in a direct selling company selling cosmetics, fashions, or jewelry:

  • Beauty Tips Blog
  • Women On The Go
  • Beautiful Women Working At Home
  • The Modern Woman’s Fashion Consultant
  • Moms Look Good Too
  • Mom, Kids and Good Looks

Your home business company focuses on kitchen tools, food, or food mixes:

  • Mom’s Fast Kitchen
  • Fun, Fast And Healthy
  • The Convenient Gourmet
  • Cooking On The Run

You sell health items, vitamins, or outdoor active clothing:

  • start a blogThe Active Family Blog
  • Healthy Living Tips
  • Outdoor Living and Healthy Choices
  • Growing Up Healthy

The blog topic can be general, which will leave you open to a wide variety of articles.

If you sell jewelry and your topic or blog theme is jewelry, that is cool.

If your topic is fashion and tips on how to look good on a budget, then it opens you up to many different types of articles which could include jewelry and more.

Your new blog will have the feature to create groupings called “categories.”

So, in the example of jewelry, you could have a jewelry category, an accessories category, a parenting category, a junior fashion category or any other subject you want.

Keep in mind that a blog should be updated on a regular basis.

Some people even choose to do this every day. Basically, anytime you have something to report or an event to pass along, you will want to update your blog. The more you update your blog, the more “real estate” you put out to the search engines.

Every page becomes search engine “bait,” so the more the better.

Free WordPress Blogs For Beginners

how to start a blogI recommend WordPress because it is a very search engine-friendly blogging platform and easy to use.

Free WordPress blogs are available.  If you are not sure that you will stick with it, then I recommend that you start with a freebie to see if you can get into it.

But if you are serious, then you should really go all the way and have a real WordPress blog that you actually own.

Blog Set Up For Party Plan

WordPress is easy to master after it is set up. For your first party plan blog, it would be advisable to have someone else set it up for you.

It is not uncommon for people to have more than one blog.

After you blog for a while, most likely you will be able to set up the second blog yourself.

Deb provides quick and affordable WordPress installation services for home business owners as well as a WordPress tutorial to get you off on the right foot.

Click To Contact Deb

  • Be careful on the web, because it is easy to spend too much money on a blog set up service!!

Stream Your Party Plan Blog Across Social Sites

After your blog is set up it can be streamed automatically into the various social sites. That way you get the benefit of having a search engine-friendly blog as well as the social site connections and content for both.

Often your social posts take the reader straight to a sales page and if they do not want to buy they never go back, but if they are taken to content of value on your blog instead then they may read and return again!

You can place a blog on just about any website that you already own with the exception of a direct sales company affiliate site.

Party Plan Company Rules & Blogging

  • Please note that it is really important to check with your party plan company’s online policy before you start blogging.  All companies have rules to protect the brand and it is your responsibility to know what your company allows and follow their guidelines.

Once you set up the blog itself, it’s time to begin writing.

Create a consistent schedule and make it a routine. You might even consider setting a blogging schedule. You don’t have to write in each blog every day, but the more you do, the more publicity you get.

Do a little bit of studying on how to make your blog article more search engine-friendly so that you get the most bang for your bucks.

Remember: The most important thing to remember about blogging is to provide VALUE!

Why Blog?

Well… for business and bookings of course!

But also because blogging is FUN!

Send Deb an email if you want some help setting up a blog.


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