How To Use Pinterest For Business

When it comes to direct selling, the Internet can be any business consultant’s best friend. or their worst enemy.

Many people utilize Pinterest on a daily basis, both to share their crafty ideas and to snag a few new thoughts they can use. Pinterest is also a great place to meet new people and develop an online mutual interest with others.

How To Use Pinterest For Business

How To Use PinterestPinterest can be the direct seller’s new best friend when you approach it with a strategy for promoting your direct selling business.

Pinterest is an online social network where those who have craft ideas turn to share their projects with others and gain new crafty ideas while meeting new people at the same time. For your direct selling business, you can post ideas and products on Pinterest for the whole online community to see.

What makes Pinterest such a wonderful venue is the daily traffic it gets and the amount of time people spend there.

Since people post on a daily basis, most users of the site, whether they are members or active posters or not, check in and browse through new postings several times a week.

With new traffic on a daily basis, you can ensure that anything you post will be looked at by fresh eyes several times over, which is essential for your direct selling business in getting new customers and clients.

Another great reason to use Pinterest for your selling needs is the fact that the site is free to use and access and the visual aspect of it makes it a great sales tool if you do not get carried away!

People Buy Emotionally

People buy emotionally and images are emotional.

Pinterest was founded for the artistic world (originally foodies, design, and artists) so it is important not to be too focused on the sales aspect of your direct selling business.

People love Pinterest and trust the community they find there, and using Pinterest as your selling avenue is great because Pinterest is already a well-known site people use daily.

Pinterest is fun and your clients are already perusing the pins!

With the trust and usability of Pinterest already backing you up, you don’t need to worry about attracting or convincing new customers to find you.

Since potential customers are already browsing the site looking for new craft ideas or just browsing to pass some time, the crafty site is the perfect avenue to use for promoting new ideas and products that will potentially make you lots of money.

Direct Sales Consultants Don’t Market Too Heavily

When you are in sales and marketing on Pinterest you need to keep in mind that the Pin Boards were designed for the artsy types. Don’t market too heavily in Pinterest.
Direct Sales Pinterest
Add value and use the visual aspects of Pinterest to create desire for the other members to learn more about your products, opportunity or services.

Direct Sales Pinterest Tips

A few tips for making the most of Pinterest to market your products without being too “sales-y”:

    • Focus on adding value: When you add good content with good images you will attract people to your business and sales site.
    • Brand your graphics: Have some continuity in what you do. Each image should be branded to your business or theme.
    • Include your web address on your graphics: When people share (re-pin) your graphics anything that you include on the image goes with it!
    • Include your web address in your comment: Everyone does not realize that when they click the image it takes them to the website so including it in the comment section will bring more traffic.
    • Make sure every web page has a pin-able graphic.
    • Put your website url on your graphics.
    • Use tall graphics (800 pixels is perfect): The 800 pixel high image is the one that gets re-pinned most often.
    • Educate rather than sell: When you educate you will create interest. When you sell you will turn people off.
    • Use #HashTags: Like Twitter, the hash tag groups like posts together for people searching for your comment.
    • Use keywords: Pinterest is showing up in search engines so increase your exposure by using keyword-rich content.
    • Post Videos: Everyone loves a video! They get a lot of re-pins!
    • Be consistent but don’t go overboard.

Deb Bixler On Pinterest

When you use the Internet, particularly great community sites like Pinterest, you open your business up in whole new ways of marketing.

Check out Deb Bixler on Pinterest to see how I have strategically used Pinterest.

Since maintaining a fresh customer base is key to making money and growing your business, you can’t go wrong exploring Pinterest for promotion of your sales business. You just may find a whole new client base that you never would have gotten otherwise utilizing Pinterest.

You may also be interested in an article on one of my other sites: How To get started with Pin Board Ideas For Direct Sellers

The above link shares how I strategically got started in Pinterest slowly and built up my pinning with a plan.  It can seem daunting at first by you will learn how to use Pinterest quickly and start to see web visitors coming to your site immediately.

I did!

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