What Is Unique Content?

Unique content, simply put, is content that never before appeared in the same form anywhere on the web.

What Is Unique Content?

Whether it be another page on your own site or another website around the worldwide web, Google (or any search engine) does not want to offer up 2 websites with the exact same content or words on a page.

Three things to keep in mind within the context of unique content:

  1. We are not talking about unique ideas, only words which express the ideas.
  2. You can still quote other people or other websites within the article such as a dictionary or Wikipedia.
  3. You can share the same facts as other sites but they must be in your words.
  4. Unique alone is not good enough. Your article MUST provide value to readers!

As a direct seller, your corporate website very rarely has anything unique which is why we recommend that you start A blog so that you can place better in the search results.

What is unique content?

Unique content is not an article from someone else’s website that you have re-worded for your own.

It is a collection of words that appear nowhere else on the web now, nor will you duplicate them anywhere else on the web in the future AND the article contains valuable information for the reader.

Believe it or not, Google actually has an algorithm that determines value!

When you know your readers and write articles that add value for them and that content is written in your own words then possibly shared in social sites with links back to the original article – you are creating unique content.

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