Using YouTube For Business

Yesterday on the Cash Flow show – Home Business Radio show (10/14/15) Deb and guest Kari Diskell discussed how to generate leads for your home business using YouTube.

Listen to the first set here and/or visit the radio page to check the broadcast times and listen to the full show (through 10/27/15).

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YouTube For Business

Direct sellers should definitely be using YouTube for business  because:

  1. This is a people business and video can bring the personal aspect into the virtual world.
  2. Video will brand you as someone different from other distributors in your company and all the other distributors worldwide selling similar products.
  3. Direct sales is an evolving industry as technology & social media play a bigger and bigger role in your business.

Using YouTube videos in business you are able to brand yourself and connect with your viewers on a more personal level and stand out from all the other “noise” online.

When you create your video make it a point to brand your face and your personality.
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When people connect your face to your company it will be more memorable. In addition, your face makes your video more engaging. People watch a face!

In an era of mass media and millions of distributors, video allows us to connect and keep things personal on a deeper level than anything else.

This is what you need to get started using YouTube for sales business:

  • Cell Phone
  • Basic Computer

Broadcasting 7 days a week through 10/27/15 – The show “YouTube For Business” went on to discuss the how to’s of creating simple videos to look like a pro as well as how to get indexed in Google searches.

Listen to the entire Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio to learn the simple basics of using video for online marketing and how to get Google to pick up your YouTube videos in searches.

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