"Direct Selling Games" Posts

Learn fun direct selling games that increase sales, bookings and recruiting. Hundreds of fun games to play at direct selling party.

Run A Blue Light Special At Party

A Blue Light Special to create bookings creates urgency! Read this bookings game that will increase sales and get bookings on your party calendar.

The Adjective Game For Parties

The Adjective Game can be a great party or meeting opener to get everyone laughing. People will spend more money at a home party when they are having fun!

Facebook Scrabble Increases Engagement

Facebook Scrabble
Learn how to play Facebook Scrabble in your online games to increase engagement and activity during Facebook home parties.

The Catalog Game For Parties

Briana Kimmel - Catalog Game
This simple catalog game is a walk through the catalog that keeps your guests focused on what you want. The products! Read an easy presentation technique.

Bingo Game For Parties: Print Grid

direct selling game bingo
Make a bingo game for parties to use as a wish list. Print A bingo grid and learn how to play the bingo game at your home parties to increase sales and give you a booking tool too!

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