The Dice Game Booking Tool

A week never passes that I do not get asked for information on the dice game.

The dice game is a fun game that targets bookings.

Check this article as well for more booking game ideas.

Brenda Smith, Clever Container called into the radio show to share her version of the Dice Game.

I love them! I think Brenda should package this!!

Listen to Brenda Smith as she shares on the Cash Flow Show Radio (Nov. 2014) her take on the Dice Game.

Cash Flow Show Club members get every radio show in it’s entirety within 24 hours of each live event.

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You do not need to get as fancy as Brenda does, but as she says, the real game look of her Dice Game and the ability to pass it around makes it more effective!

The Dice GameFor this game you will need a pair of dice, 11 envelopes with cards numbered 2 – 12, a grand prize and several goody bags or inexpensive gifts.

The goody bags or inexpensive gifts can be anything. A collection of things in your product line, excess inventory or items such as lotion, candles, body wash, recipe or tip cards, etc. work great and can be purchased cheaply from your company or at a discount store.

  • Envelope #2: the card inside should be labeled Grand Prize
  • #3, #4, #10, #11 & #12 labeled Win a Prize
  • 5 – 9 labeled Book a Show.

These envelope numbers are important.

They take into account the probability of each number coming up, with 2 appearing only 2.78% of the time and numbers 5 – 7 resulting most often!

The Dice Game Works Like This

The Dice GameMake sure that you make the game fun and you should get bookings when you play this game.

Tell your guests that you have a great gambling game where players have a chance to win some really nice prizes.

Explain the game well so that they understand that they can choose not to play if they are not willing to host a party.

Each player will roll the dice and will receive the corresponding envelope to the number they rolled. For instance, if they roll a 2 and 4, they will get envelope #6.

Explain that one envelope says grand prize and hold up the Grand Prize for them to see. This can be anything related to your business or it can be anything in general and does not have to be expensive and yet should represent good value to the winner.

Explain that if they get an envelope that says Win a Prize, they will get to take home a goody bag or your inexpensive gift that night.

Next, tell them that some of the envelopes say Book a Show which is the best prize.

Let them know that they must follow through with the envelope they get.


  1. If they get the grand prize, they may take the prize home with them.
  2. If they get Win a Prize, they get to take the goody bag home with them.
  3. If they get a Book a Show, they must book a show which helps the hostess and entitles them to receive free products at their own show and a special gift as well at the show.

At this point it is always good to explain the great hostess benefits and all that they will get when they have their show.

Before anyone opens their envelopes, tell them you will give them a prize if anyone wants to book a show before playing. If they book a show, they will get the prize you are showing to them and they will get what’s in their envelope also.

Party Plan Games Must Be Fun

Make sure you get all who agreed to book a show on your calendar even if it is a tentative date!

Every home party plan consultant wants more bookings. Be sure that your games are FUN because if not you will not get the bookings.


    Shared by: Deb:

    Rebecca – I think it is a party chips and dip bowl….
    I would try the dollar stores first then party stores and card or gift stores.

    Shared by: Rebecca criag:

    Where did you get the bowl?

    Shared by: Mandy Voyce:

    LOVE this post! I have read it many times and have gotten everything I need to play it. Reading this again I think I will play it for sure at my next home party.

    Shared by: Joy Hampson:

    This looks like fun. I think I’ll add this to my vendor events!

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