Bingo Game For Parties: Print Grid

The home party plan game below gets people to start a list of the products that they would like to have someday.

Any time you can start your customers on an action, it will most likely increase sales.

One action creates momentum and leads to another action.

When you get your customers to start a list of what they want you are putting the ball in motion for them to make purchases, become hosts, or maybe even sign up to be a rep.

The bingo game is designed to get the guests writing down their wish list.

Bingo Game For Parties

Bingo Game For Parties

The game of bingo is terrific to play at your shows.

On the back of the receipt, on a piece of paper, or whatever you choose to use, tell your guests to make a bingo card or two.

They need to make a grid that is 5 X 5 spaces.

Printable Bingo Card

printable bingo cardsYou can have them make there own bingo grid or you can provide it.

Here is a blank bingo grid if you want to really get serious about this: Printable Bingo Card

As the show goes on they are to write down products they would like to get sometime or wish that they had. Be sure to tell them that this is not what they have to buy, just what they would love to have!

Ask them to write the product and the page number in one of each of the boxes for each product that they like throughout the show. The more on their bingo cards, the better chance they have of winning.

Assure the guests that putting the products on the bingo card does not mean they have to buy it.

Bingo Game For Parties
Actually, the more products on their bingo grid or the more bingo cards that they fill, the better the chance that they will win.

So as you demonstrate and talk about products have the guests write the wish list on their bingo card.

Remind them periodically so that they remember to play.

At the end of the show, you will do a product wrap-up during the close.

You can say, ”Ok we are just about done and so now turn your bingo cards over. Let’s play bingo for this product.”

You do your wrap-up, doing a quick summary of each product, and have them x off on their bingo grid the things that they had on their wish list as you go.

  • This is the XX, no home is complete without it
  • All hosts I ever did a show for had enough products to get the YYY for free
  • The special ZZZ is perfect in every living room.

You just keep talking with a quick summary about the products during the wrap-up and whoever gets bingo first wins your item.

Finish the wrap-up, and take your orders.

Party Bingo Wish List

The party bingo becomes a wish list.

When you play the bingo game for parties you can use it as you tally your orders as a way to cross or up sell and you can always use a big wish list as leverage when asking about scheduling a show.
Party Games It gives them a way to remember what they were considering, informs you of their level of interest, and creates desire for hosting shows as well as the opportunity.

It is fast-paced, fun and does not add any extra time to your show!

Guests hate to be bored, so be sure that any game you play creates value for you – the sales consultant, for them – the party attendee, as well as for the host.


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Well, Deb, Sounds like it would work. Got to get people to your website to make it effective so it is a promotion in itself. Without knowing more about your business and web traffic I can not speak too much to the concept but I am sure you can work it out.

    Sounds like a good incentive for someone to join your newsletter list of become a faithful follower. Make a plan and get started the fine tune it as you go along.

    Shared by: Deb:

    OK so I am loving this already Deb Bixler! For BINGO I sell Travel BUT I could give away Travel Gift Certificates as the prize and that would engage the winner to purchase future travel! So I could do this once a month and have them complete a BINGO card with 25 Vacation Wishes…I would then POST on my Travel Page once a day a VACATION…they could scroll to find posts for previous day if one were missed and the vacation could be a link back to the page on my website where this vacation, supplier or related info is listed…does this seem workable? Once a month they would need to submit BINGO card with Wish list by a specific date to my Travel Agency? Am I on the right track? When we have a BINGO then the game starts again the next month…am I making sense? LOL

    Shared by: Donna:

    What a creative and fun way for the guests to fill out a wish list! Thank you for sharing, Deb!

    Shared by: Linda Susan Drennan:

    I like this Bingo Show idea…thanks for the download!

    Shared by: Judy Parsons:

    I really LOVE the bingo game and will start to use it this month!

    Thanks, DEB 🙂

    Shared by: Phyllis O'Neill:

    Love this, Deb! I will definitely use this and will share this link with my team. And thanks for the download!!

    I have not played any Bingo games yet, but I like the way this one plays…..looking forward to trying it in 2012!

    Shared by: Andretta Bond:

    Thank you for explaining the reason for the game. I have played BINGO at my shows before, but I can see from this article that I will make some changes in the way I do it.

    Shared by: Nathalie Adams:

    Love this game, and the new take on it. We could start the game by putting their favorite product they have already used in the free space, if it seems to be a repeat group, and then each talks about it.

    Shared by: Shannon Morris:

    Love the Bingo game idea! Can’t wait to try it out!

    Shared by: Jean:

    The Bingo game sounds great..I will try it.

    I like this idea because using a wishlist really doesnt seem to get ladies to participate. Although I also like the idea you said in the comments about doing it as tic tac toe. Both ideas are great and ones I will have to try instead of the boring wishlist.

    Shared by: Laurie Rose:

    Wow! The bingo game is an awesome idea! Never thought of that…but I will now!!

    Shared by: Lee Anne:

    Love the Bingo game I always have them write a wish list. This is do much more fin

    Shared by: Mary Jane:

    Great info on games Deb! I am still looking for the right game to play at my shows. This way of playing Bingo just might work!

    Shared by: Rob Dufour:

    I always play the dice game at my get togethers and this boosts my booking!!!

    Shared by: Deb:

    I as well as Stephanie D had heard everyone talk about the Bingo game but didn’t understand it either. But it is a great idea, one that will take some time to incorporate in my business but I can do it in 2012!

    Shared by: Judy:

    Playing games and winning free stuff is a great idea! Smart to write the wish list on the bingo card. Thanks for this.

    Shared by: Terru:

    I love the bit at the end of article that states to be sure the game creates value for the consultant, the guest and the host – or don’t play it. I will use that as a guideline for all my games this year! Terry

    Shared by: Sue Coleman:

    Love the bingo idea! Would work great with all of the various Avon stuff! Thanks!

    Shared by: Donna:

    I’ve played Bingo before but never this way. It creates the wish list in a new and clever way!

    Shared by: Marlene Dreifke:

    We play a version of Bingo called “Ringo Bingo”

    It’s easy and appropriate to our product ~ jewelry!! Give each person a plain pc. of paper and have them draw around their hand going around each finger and thumb to make it look like their hand.

    During your presentation, you can talk about the different rings and show them the ring page so they can pick out their favorites and write the name down on each finger and the thumg as well as an extra one in the middle.

    We then call out names of the rings and give a prize to the first one who has all their rings called out.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Well, Jen – maybe you could do it with tic tac toe….

    Shared by: Jen:

    I like the Bingo idea. However, I’m a wine consultant. We do in-home wine tastings and we only taste 6 wines. At any given time, we have up to about 30 wines available and some wine accessories. I fear we wouldn’t have enough products to come close to filling a Bingo card. I’d have to come up with some way to do this on a smaller scale.

    Shared by: Stephanie Dyess:

    Love the Bingo game idea! I will definitely have to try it in 2012! Thanks!

    Shared by: Diana Sargent:

    I had heard people say the bingo game was a good one, but I didn’t understand how to do it until now. Thanks!

    Shared by: Antoinette Mark:

    I like the bingo game. Wow I have lots of new games for my shows in 2012. I see why this category is number 1, these games will increase your income at your shows or parties.

    Shared by: Ivette Muller:

    I really like your version of Bingo – I hadn’t heard of this yet. I really like the idea of them writing all their wishlist on the cards rather than making a separate list that way they are focused on the presentation.

    Shared by: Philip Griffith:

    I’ll have to think about how to use a game to get people to write down their wish list. I like the bingo idea for that.

    Shared by: Crystal Earley:

    Having held many, many sales training meetings using traditional cards and markers to award gift or prize, this will ABSOLUTELY prove more valuable! Boredom was always a major factor. This way EVERYONE wins! The customer, the host, and me. The cards can also provide follow-up opportunities for later so I would either do it on back of order slip or have their card include their info.

    Shared by: Debi:

    WOW! This is a great idea! I’ve been using a blank paper as a wish list with some doing and most not doing it…this would be more fun AND give me what I want to get at the same time! LOVE IT!!!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    You GOT it Bridget – Great student!!

    Shared by: Bridget Heckman:

    What I got out of this is that if you are going to play games, there has to be 3 elements:
    Value for the consultant
    Value for the host
    Value for the party attendee.
    I’ll remember this one!

    Shared by: Fran Sparks:

    The Bingo Game is a great idea. It opened up a new avenue of possibilities for involving the guests. Thanks Deb

    Shared by: Catherine:

    Thanks Deb, must try this one soon.

    Shared by: Barbara:

    This would be great to use at Sales or Training meetings for product training.

    Shared by: Joyce Burgess:

    Thanks for concept of games having purpose for me in sales, create desire to have a party, create business opportunity and a purpose for the guests to have fun. I like this idea and plan to implement it. I wonder if the Bingo game will take a long time- have you ever had anyone comment on how long it took to play?

    Shared by: Tami:

    While I personally do not play games at my home parties, I’m honored to have a downline that I’m passionate about helping any way I can. I know some team members would appreciate this information!

    Shared by: Yolanda Aviles:

    Thank you for the idea. I usually have the guests write down on the sales slip the products as I show them but now I can incorporate the BINGO game to go along.

    Shared by: Debbie Melfi:

    people love getting free things ! Playing games gets them in a happier mood

    Shared by: Shirlynn:

    I love Bingo! Games make the dem all the more fun!!

    Shared by: Lisa Owen:

    Not only do I appreciate the Bingo game info, the info on starting the “action” was very valuable!!!! Thanks for the great info!!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, Christina – Glad you are enjoying the site. There are over 300 free training articles so come back again!

    Shared by: christina:

    Thanks so much for all the great ideas! This place is awesome!

    Shared by: Shannon Millikan:

    Love the bingo idea….what a great way to get guests really thinking about the products they want and visualize it all together!! A full bingo board is an excellent way for us to identify those guests to encourage to book a show and earn all those wish list items!! -Shannon (Phyllis’ 31 gifts training)

    Shared by: Mary:

    I don’t play games but this is some thing I would like to try thanks Mary

    Shared by: Jen Keimig:

    I never thought to play bingo. I really like this idea on how to get people involved in writing the list. I always tried to do that and could never get them to start writing. Deb’s training has made a huge impact on my sales. I have both the training sets now and can not believe how much easier it is now that I have some good routines going on in my business.

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