Bingo Game For Parties: Print Grid

The home party plan game below gets people to start a list of the products that they would like to have someday.

Any time you can start your customers on an action, it will most likely increase sales.

One action creates momentum and leads to another action.

When you get your customers to start a list of what they want you are putting the ball in motion for them to make purchases, become hosts, or maybe even sign up to be a rep.

The bingo game is designed to get the guests writing down their wish list.

Bingo Game For Parties

Bingo Game For Parties

The game of bingo is terrific to play at your shows.

On the back of the receipt, on a piece of paper, or whatever you choose to use, tell your guests to make a bingo card or two.

They need to make a grid that is 5 X 5 spaces.

Printable Bingo Card

printable bingo cardsYou can have them make there own bingo grid or you can provide it.

Here is a blank bingo grid if you want to really get serious about this: Printable Bingo Card

As the show goes on they are to write down products they would like to get sometime or wish that they had. Be sure to tell them that this is not what they have to buy, just what they would love to have!

Ask them to write the product and the page number in one of each of the boxes for each product that they like throughout the show. The more on their bingo cards, the better chance they have of winning.

Assure the guests that putting the products on the bingo card does not mean they have to buy it.

Bingo Game For Parties
Actually, the more products on their bingo grid or the more bingo cards that they fill, the better the chance that they will win.

So as you demonstrate and talk about products have the guests write the wish list on their bingo card.

Remind them periodically so that they remember to play.

At the end of the show, you will do a product wrap-up during the close.

You can say, ”Ok we are just about done and so now turn your bingo cards over. Let’s play bingo for this product.”

You do your wrap-up, doing a quick summary of each product, and have them x off on their bingo grid the things that they had on their wish list as you go.

  • This is the XX, no home is complete without it
  • All hosts I ever did a show for had enough products to get the YYY for free
  • The special ZZZ is perfect in every living room.

You just keep talking with a quick summary about the products during the wrap-up and whoever gets bingo first wins your item.

Finish the wrap-up, and take your orders.

Party Bingo Wish List

The party bingo becomes a wish list.

When you play the bingo game for parties you can use it as you tally your orders as a way to cross or up sell and you can always use a big wish list as leverage when asking about scheduling a show.
Party Games It gives them a way to remember what they were considering, informs you of their level of interest, and creates desire for hosting shows as well as the opportunity.

It is fast-paced, fun and does not add any extra time to your show!

Guests hate to be bored, so be sure that any game you play creates value for you – the sales consultant, for them – the party attendee, as well as for the host.


    Shared by: Deb:

    OK so I am loving this already Deb Bixler! For BINGO I sell Travel BUT I could give away Travel Gift Certificates as the prize and that would engage the winner to purchase future travel! So I could do this once a month and have them complete a BINGO card with 25 Vacation Wishes…I would then POST on my Travel Page once a day a VACATION…they could scroll to find posts for previous day if one were missed and the vacation could be a link back to the page on my website where this vacation, supplier or related info is listed…does this seem workable? Once a month they would need to submit BINGO card with Wish list by a specific date to my Travel Agency? Am I on the right track? When we have a BINGO then the game starts again the next month…am I making sense? LOL

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Well, Deb, Sounds like it would work. Got to get people to your website to make it effective so it is a promotion in itself. Without knowing more about your business and web traffic I can not speak too much to the concept but I am sure you can work it out.

      Sounds like a good incentive for someone to join your newsletter list of become a faithful follower. Make a plan and get started the fine tune it as you go along.

    Shared by: Donna:

    What a creative and fun way for the guests to fill out a wish list! Thank you for sharing, Deb!

    Shared by: Linda Susan Drennan:

    I like this Bingo Show idea…thanks for the download!

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