2 Facebook Online Party Games

Facebook online party games are sometimes as simple as a quick modification to a game you play LIVE at your home parties.

Facebook Party Games With Purpose!

The recipe for a good home party game both offline and on is:

  1. Fun for the guests
  2. Value for the host
  3. Value for the consultant

If a game does not provide all of the above then it is not worth playing!

Be sure to be clear in your Facebook party games’ instructions to avoid Facebook party confusion!

Product Bingo Online Party Game

One game that we often play at a party that converts well to an online party game is product bingo. This game keeps the guests watching the stream of posts on your party wall!

Create a list of the products you want to show and sell using the letters that are contained in the word BINGO or words that relate to the products that you want to use.

Publish the list in advance or at least close to the beginning of the party.

Ask each playing guest to pick words and DM their 5 words to you.

During your show randomly select words from the full list and include them into your posts as the show progresses. This is in no special order and done randomly throughout the show.
Facebook Online Party Games
As the guests watch the wall, check their personal lists and see you post them, they should check them off personally, then type BINGO quickly when all their 5 chosen words are posted.

You can have one or two BINGO awards.

Facebook Online Party Game: Scavenger Hunt

Many of us have tried the scavenger hunt with our team or even at the live presentation. Just modify it a bit to play online!

This game will get your guests hunting through your online catalog for products.  Hopefully, this will keep them interested and looking while having fun.

Create a graphic with 12-20 products that can be found on your website. Publish it in your event at the beginning of the online party or when you want the guests to begin looking at your website.

As they find the products on your list they should post the URL on the event wall. Give the first guest to post the link to each product a point.

You can structure the game any way you want to achieve the results you want. Make sure to use high value or high customer appeal items. You could add bonus features to the game such as extra credit:

  • When they order an item and link to it
  • If they already own the item
  • When they book a party and post the bookings page link
  • When they give a testimonial for an item they own and get another point

Be creative and make sure that your Facebook online party games keep your guests engaged at the party.


    Shared by: Latasha Davis:

    Great Ideas!!!!

    Shared by: Mandy Voyce:

    I have never played games in my online events. The bingo one sounds like fun though!

    Shared by: Joy Hampson:

    I love the Bingo Game idea!
    Having the guest DM you their list is a brilliant way to have them initiate a conversation with you!

    Shared by: Matthew:

    Love the BINGO game.. will put that to use next FB party.


    Shared by: kathy hill:

    I like the bINGO game idea, but i would have to modify the scavenger hunt game since our website is not the best on supporting online orders..does not have a unique url for each product or even category.

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