Facebook Scrabble Increases Engagement

I initially saw this Norwex Facebook party Scrabble game on Pinterest shared by Clorissa Hicks.

She created the game after seeing another direct sales company’s distributor use it.
Facebook ScrabbleBoth Clorissa and I immediately saw the value of this virtual party game to increase your online party engagement.

Be sure to read to the bottom of this post and learn how you can win an annual CFS Club membership by playing Scrabble in the Comments!

The game can be used in many ways but is intended to engage guests when invited to a Facebook event.

Whether it’s pre-party fun before an actual in-home party or used within a strictly Facebook party it will get your guests involved and create a fun environment!

An online Scrabble game will get the focus off the sales pitch and make your customers comfortable. Tailor it to fit almost any situation.

3 Ways To Facebook Scrabble Game

There are (at least) 3 ways that you can play the game:

  1. Make it a points game: Simply place the post a day or two before the event and let the guests have fun thinking of and posting as many words as possible.
  2. Prior to the game starts write down two words that can be found within the posted picture. You then just wait for the first person to come up with the same words you wrote down.
  3. Use the tile value numbers to give people points based on their word totals.

Keep it simple by not having too many rules.

Clorissa lets them create the rules as they go. So a guest may post that you cannot repeat words or another participant may say any word more than 10 letters is double points.

It really is a lot of fun.

You can conduct it for a certain period of time or until someone comments with one of the key words you chose before the game started. Then you post the game as done.

Clorissa says that if it is an in-home demo playing the online game she gives the gift in person at the party.

Make Scrabble Board

To make your Facebook Scrabble game you will need a software editor.
Clorissa Hicks made her Norwex Facebook Scrabble image using PicMonkey Photo Editor. I use Snaggit which is a purchased editing software and Gimp which is open source (FREE) software as well.

Download Scrabble fonts, shut down and restart your computer so they show up in your font list, find a background image, install an editing software, then create your own Scrabble board.

There is a bit of a learning curve but after you make your first one it will be easier to make more!

Share In The Comments

Share the words (as many as you can) that you find in the Cash Flow Show “Facebook Party Scrabble” image above.

Add the tile value numbers which you used and post your total in the comment as well. Fun!


    Shared by: Marilyn Sultar:

    Face 9 Art 3
    Book 10 Fart 4
    Part 6 Cart 7
    Scrap 9 Fat 6
    Ace 5 Cat 5
    Case 8 Sat 3
    Rat 8 Race 6 TOTAL: 96 I could do more than these but it’s after midnight here! LOL
    Fare 7

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Good job, Marilyn – for a late night scrabbler!!

    Shared by: Rebecca Joyce:

    Love this idea – what a great way to create engagement with your customers!

    Shared by: Jessica DiGregorio:

    Oh my goodness such a great idea!

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