300+ Home Party Plan Games

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Home Party Plan Games

It seems like every direct selling – home party plan consultant wants more bookings and party game ideas!

home party plan games

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Games Make Shows Fun

Have you ever put together a home party show presentation and wondered how you would create an interactive atmosphere?

Getting people to interact at your shows is important to generate the fun factor.

Home party plan games provide the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved. They are fun, interesting and can help to sell a product very quickly.

If everyone is having fun at your parties, bookings will be great!

Name and Number” Home Party Plan Game

One great icebreaker game is called “Name and Number”.

Upon arriving at the party, each guest is given an index card containing his or her name on one side and a number on the other.

Guests are then required to wear the card with the name side showing.

This will introduce everyone to one another. Guests are encouraged to make these introductions personally so that everyone will become acquainted with the various names.
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After a while, you can then request that your guests turn their cards over thus showing only the number.

Everyone will then receive a piece of paper containing all the numbers. The object of the game is to fill in as many names as can be remembered beside the corresponding number.

“I hate”” Home Show Game

Another fun home show game is called “I Hate”.

In this one, guests write down the chore they hate the most and accompany it with two reasons.

Everyone is then required to read her/his statement, but there is a twist.

The chore is to be replaced verbally by a word that is completely out of context. For example, the statement could actually read “I hate cooking. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

When read aloud, the word “cooking” could then be replaced with another to make the entire statement humorous.

The I Hate game can be used with any “I hate” question that is compatible with your business:

  • I hate (this chore) because
  • I hate (cleaning the) because
  • I hate (a TV show) because
  • I hate (my job at) because
  • I hate (running this errand) because
  • I hate (the way this room is decorated) because

You pick the word or words to substitute. So maybe you decide that the substituted word is sex.

When the guests read these statements with the substituted word:
“I hate the way the living room is decorated because the green is ugly and the couch is uncomfortable.”

“I hate cooking. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

They become:
“I hate sex in the living room because the green is ugly and the couch is uncomfortable.”

“I hate sex. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

This is a fun game that will be enjoyed by the guests and will be certain to break the ice.

Pass the Parcel

You can also choose to utilize party games to showcase what you are selling.

Here, “Pass the Parcel” or a treasure hunt can be a lot of fun. Each person asking the consultant a question in a predetermined topic gets the parcel passed to them.

The winner gets to keep the product if they are holding it when the time is up.

The most often-used question topic is “Ask me a question about MyFantasticCompany”.

The game then becomes a tool to share information about the business opportunity and it gives the distributor the ability to determine who has an interest in becoming a consultant.

One word of caution – don’t let this type of game run on too long. You’ll know when it’s time to declare a winner and can then move on to something else.

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    Shared by: Sammie:

    A scavenger hunt always works best, whether it be online or a home party. Have questions and get the guests to find the answers to the questions via your website link.
    The winner is the one with the most correct answers. You are welcome to change it up though.

    Shared by: Tanya:

    I like to pay ” How well do you know your hostess?” game. I came up with 10 questions about hostess’s favorite things. Hostess answers those questions too, and afterwards, we compare the answers. The winner gets a small but cute prize. Fun!

    Shared by: Marilyn Sultar:

    I love the Points Game to build excitement and I love the idea of an auction game at the end of the party using game money.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    That does sound like a fun, one, Rachael! Thanks for sharing!

    Shared by: Rachael:

    Everyone seems to have a good laugh playing the A-Z game! You get index cards and write the alphabet (A on one card B on another and so on) you take one card off the stack showing it to the crowd and they are to find something in their purse that begins with that letter, the first one to shout out something that starts with the letter you showed gets a ticket. (I use the double tickets so they don’t have to write their name on each ticket). At the end of the game draw out a ticket and call out the number. The winner picks a prize out of my basket of wrapped gifts.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hi Tammy here is another good Facebook Game that increases engagement:
    Facebook Scrabbe really is fun and does work to get people involved!!

    Shared by: Tammy:

    I am just starting and so far all my parties have been on line. I think I would like to play a game that would help me get to know my host and his/her guests better. This information could help me in customizing the event or tailoring more to their needs and desires and get them interacting. Drop the shoe sounds like an interesting game. In a couples party I would like to do a ‘who knows their partner best’ (kind of like the Newlywed Game). Giving the one who will be using the products a sheet of 5 or 6 questions to answer before the game and then I ask the questions and each of the other partners answer out load. The one with the most points can win package I put together that they can enjoy together- like maybe some popcorn a Redbox rental and some Nourish samples and a bottle of soda, plus a discount on their purchase. I know the idea is for them to feel spoiled and keep the costs down and this is about $5 plus the discount, while most of the time the prizes are $1 or less. My experience has been (when I have been in other companies), the couple parties almost always have higher sales.

    Shared by: Stephanie:

    I usually play The Left Right Game, everyone seems to ave fun with this one.

    Shared by: Tanya Michaud:

    This is not really a game, but get everyone to bring a certain item to make sundaes (1 person brings sprinkles, another chocolate sauce, another candy, and so on). The host provides the ice cream or frozen yogurt. Then make sundaes at the party!

    Shared by: SHELLLY:


    Shared by: sHELLY:


    Shared by: Michele Schmitt:

    Bingo is a great game for in home parties.

    I play several games at my parties. The right/left game that has been mentioned above is common. One of the most requested games is the Soap Opera game. Everyone is given a chance to answer a word type. Once you have all the answers you plug those into the blank soap opera. It turns into a very funny story. It makes everyone laugh and gets the group to talking about the product and each other.

    Shared by: Karen:

    I’m still learning

    Shared by: Peterlyn Wezt:

    Hi Deb!
    1. The Left-Right game is a big hit. Before I start, I ask everyone if they know their L from their R + everyone says yes, but during the game, they get confused. LOL
    2. Numbers: Give guests paper + pen. Ask if they are wearing yellow, have 3 cats, etc. Person with most points wins a small gift.
    Many hesitate…. You’d think guests would take a chocolate, but a lot of them are hesitant. Go figure.
    I live in NEPA (Wilkes-Barre, Scranton)
    3. Deal/No Deal. I’m w/ Dove Choc Discoveries so I get wrapped candies and tape a piece of paper that says Party or Gift. Guests choose to play and pick a chocolate. They can’t turn them over ’til everyone has a chance.

    Shared by: Monique:

    I am excited to start playing at home games.. I have been looking for a great set to try, i will be having my first at home party this month. Just joined Jamberry and I’m super excited to get that ball rolling!!!

    Shared by: Stephanie:

    I enjoy the Left /Right Game. It seems to break the ice and helps to make everyone relax and have fun.

    Shared by: Linda Rennie:

    as part of my introductions- I ask everyone to tell me their favorite product and why and their least favorite and why. Helps me know about the guests and lets the guests know about my great products.

    Shared by: Stephanie:

    Thank you for all your wonderful information!!

    Shared by: Emily:

    I made up a matching game to test how well my guests paid attention as I discussed the various cleaning fibers in the ENJO line. They match the color of the fiber toothed area it cleans and get a raffle ticket for each correct match.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hmm – MLM The Game is awesome and I often played it at team meetings but never at a show. Great idea, Kathy.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Also, check the FB rules for games and sweepstakes, Deb!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Also, check the FB rules for games and sweepstakes, Deb!

    Shared by: kathy hill:

    I love playing games and having theme parties. I usually make sure the game relates to the theme somehow. BINGO is a favorite game at parties

    Shared by: Kathy Jenks:

    Loved this article and laughed at the I hate game. The last game I played at a party was “MLM the Game”. It is a fun was to learn how to build a network marketing business. Can’t wait to get my copy of the talking ebook games. I love games as they are a great ice breaker and a way to have a party that is fun. Guests remember the fun parties.

    Shared by: Kathy Jenks:

    Loved this article and laughed at the I hate game. The last game I played at a party was the “MLM The Game”. It is a fun game that teaches people how to build a network marketing business. It is a fun and educational game. I definitely can not wait to get my copy of the talking ebook for other game ideas. Games are a great ice breaker.

    Shared by: Robert:

    We find the adding game is very popular and humorous. One point for each mile traveled to the party, point for being on time, point for each ring, minus points for red hair, etc.

    Shared by: Elaine:

    I am fairly new to direct sales. I haven,t really played games except for handing out tickets to guests who asked questions about my product and then picking one later for a small prize

    Shared by: LaShanta Magnusson:

    Love all the game ideas! I love playing the penny game with my customers! Its a win win for all! Everyone who comes to the party gets a penny. Half way thru they have a choice keep the penny and be one cent richer, give me the penny and get one cent off their order or trade the penny for a choice of envelopes I have with other prizes!

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