200+ Home Party Plan Games

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Home Party Plan Games

It seems like every direct selling – home party plan consultant wants more bookings and party game ideas!

home party plan games

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Games Make Shows Fun

Have you ever put together a home party show presentation and wondered how you would create an interactive atmosphere?

Getting people to interact at your shows is important to generate the fun factor.

Home party plan games provide the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved. They are fun, interesting and can help to sell a product very quickly.

If everyone is having fun at your parties, bookings will be great!

Name and Number” Home Party Plan Game

One great icebreaker game is called “Name and Number”.

Upon arriving at the party, each guest is given an index card containing his or her name on one side and a number on the other.

Guests are then required to wear the card with the name side showing.

This will introduce everyone to one another. Guests are encouraged to make these introductions personally so that everyone will become acquainted with the various names.

After a while, you can then request that your guests turn their cards over thus showing only the number.

Everyone will then receive a piece of paper containing all the numbers. The object of the game is to fill in as many names as can be remembered beside the corresponding number.

“I hate”” Home Show Game

Another fun home show game is called “I Hate”.

In this one, guests write down the chore they hate the most and accompany it with two reasons.

Everyone is then required to read her/his statement, but there is a twist.

The chore is to be replaced verbally by a word that is completely out of context. For example, the statement could actually read “I hate cooking. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

When read aloud, the word “cooking” could then be replaced with another to make the entire statement humorous.

The I Hate game can be used with any “I hate” question that is compatible with your business:

  • I hate (this chore) because
  • I hate (cleaning the) because
  • I hate (a TV show) because
  • I hate (my job at) because
  • I hate (running this errand) because
  • I hate (the way this room is decorated) because

You pick the word or words to substitute. So maybe you decide that the substituted word is sex.

When the guests read these statements with the substituted word:
“I hate the way the living room is decorated because the green is ugly and the couch is uncomfortable.”

“I hate cooking. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

They become:
“I hate sex in the living room because the green is ugly and the couch is uncomfortable.”

“I hate sex. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

This is a fun game that will be enjoyed by the guests and will be certain to break the ice.

Pass the Parcel

You can also choose to utilize party games to showcase what you are selling.

Here, “Pass the Parcel” or a treasure hunt can be a lot of fun. Each person asking the consultant a question in a predetermined topic gets the parcel passed to them.

The winner gets to keep the product if they are holding it when the time is up.

The most often-used question topic is “Ask me a question about MyFantasticCompany”.

The game then becomes a tool to share information about the business opportunity and it gives the distributor the ability to determine who has an interest in becoming a consultant.

One word of caution – don’t let this type of game run on too long. You’ll know when it’s time to declare a winner and can then move on to something else.

Tell US Your Favorite Home Party Plan Game

party plan gamesWhen you comment on this post below and outline a game you have played at your home party we will send you the 24 page talking E-Book “Powerful Party Games”.

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What home party plan games do you play?

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    Shared by: Jenene:

    I’m new to direct sales and have not actually played any games or even done a presentation yet. I’ve had 3 home parties so far. I have a food related business so we have food samples and I find that people eat and mix and mingle then make their orders and leave. So far my parties have made a decent amount but since I have not gotten to do a presentation, I haven’t been able to get any more bookings. So, I just need help all around, lol.

    Shared by: Karen:

    I love playing pass the parcel, but it is the left right game

    Shared by: Tammy:

    I have only played the left and right game at a Christmas party.

    Shared by: Amy L:

    i had a “flip flop” theme party so I wrote my story and used the words “flip” and “flop” as often as possible. I put door prize tickets in a basket in the middle and they all gathered around it ready to grab axticket every time they heard one of those words. We were all laughing and it was a fun way to share my story and plant seeds.

    Shared by: Frances Hampton:

    Im not sure what the name of the game is ,on the paper there are square of different experiences like goes hiking,drinks coffee,loves the color red. The guest then goes around the room and has someone put their name in the square of there experience and the first one to get all there squares filled with names wins

    Shared by: Wanda Fitzpatrick:

    I use a Bingo game or variation of it for bookings and team meetings. I tend to make it relevant by having items in the grid like – Mark if you have a lipstick – Mark if you have an Avon Rep – Free Spot – etc.
    This is so easy to tailor for whatever type party you are hosting.

    Shared by: Karen Giardelli:

    I like the “Right, Left” game. It’s a story about the discovery of Tupperware and how it was introduced to the public. Within the story are the words right and left. I hand out a few gadgets have guest in a circle listen to the story, every time they hear the word right they pass the gadget right, if they hear left, pass to the left. At the end of the story whoever has the gadgets keeps them. Fun, easy game that tells about my business.

    Shared by: Melisa:

    Hi Deb,
    I play an auction game… so auction any seasonal items or hostess gifts that I have

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Sounds like a fun one, Laurie – Kind of like the Island Game:

    Thanks for sharing!

    Shared by: Laurie:

    I am in the wine biz so we draw a picture of our host with one word to describe how much we love her tasting… but it’s after the 4th wine and we draw on a paper plate that is on top of our heads. It’s so fun! Then the host chooses the drawing that most resembles her and that person gets a prize~ plus she reads how much fun everyone is having.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks for all the ideas, Karla!

    Shared by: Karla Jones:

    I’ve done the purse game (and variation where they call out say things related to Halloween or whatever season/holiday you’re in) and the island game. Always use the dice game for booking. I will be adding a Price is Right element to my current game which is what is the hostess’ favorite. I choose 3 items in a certain category (rings, bracelets, etc) and showcase them. The guests then need to decide which one they think the hostess will pick as her favorite. I’ve also done a cell phone game where you give out your cell phone number at the beginning of the party and have the guests call you. You choose which number to answer/winner. Then you tell them to program your number in their phone so they have it for future purchases/problems.

    Shared by: Karla Jones:

    Love these ideas! I think I will add the Price is Right element to my game. Currently I’m doing what’s the hostess’ favorite. I showcase 3 items in a certain category (I sell jewelry so in my case it would be rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.) and ask the guests to pick which one they think is the hostess’ favorite.

    Shared by: Debbie:

    Pass the parcel is always fun (left right with story) or one where you get to steal the present always gets laughs. But those are getting old. Looking for fresher ideas.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hi Kim – Sorry to be slow on this – I guess I missed your party last night but we do have some other online party game ideas included in the e-book and here are 2 links:



    Shared by: Kim Wilkins:

    I Just did the bingo game for my online Facebook party. It went great and drew a lot of interest. I Need to come up with another game tonight! Ack!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, Jennifer – another new one! nice to see some good games that server a purpose for all involved!

    Shared by: Jennifer:

    Match the host
    1. Everyone writes their fav food and beverage on a piece of paper., the ones that closest match the host wins prizes.
    2. Write a list of all people they know in a 30 min drive radius. Most and least listed win prizes.
    3. Now they have people to invite and the menu to host their party. (Do this after they see you shower your hostess with gifts)
    You tell them you’ll be happy to set up a date with them to get all of their free and/or 1/2 price products

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hi Paula – What do you need help with? What exactly are you having a hard time with.

    The Cash Flow Show has over 500 pages of assistance for party plan consultants so, give me a better idea of what you are looking for and I can send you to a few pages on the topic!

    Shared by: Michele':

    I’m in search of game ideas, whereas most the of games I’ve seen or heard about do not really appeal to me. Although I really like your ‘I Hate’ game idea…I will have to incorporate that..it’s probably good for a laugh or two.

    Shared by: paula:

    help please I am having such a hard time

    Shared by: deb freeman:

    I have used the purse game with success.
    Some women actually loaded their purses prior to the party just in case we played it at the party.

    Shared by: Maryellen:

    Book please?

    Shared by: Maryellen:

    I would really like to do some home parties, but I need some game ideas to make it fun! ????

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    That is a good one Bree and – with all these games it is not often that we hear a new one! So, thanks for that!

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