200+ Home Party Plan Games

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Home Party Plan Games

It seems like every direct selling – home party plan consultant wants more bookings and party game ideas!

home party plan games

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Games Make Shows Fun

Have you ever put together a home party show presentation and wondered how you would create an interactive atmosphere?

Getting people to interact at your shows is important to generate the fun factor.

Home party plan games provide the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved. They are fun, interesting and can help to sell a product very quickly.

If everyone is having fun at your parties, bookings will be great!

Name and Number” Home Party Plan Game

One great icebreaker game is called “Name and Number”.

Upon arriving at the party, each guest is given an index card containing his or her name on one side and a number on the other.

Guests are then required to wear the card with the name side showing.

This will introduce everyone to one another. Guests are encouraged to make these introductions personally so that everyone will become acquainted with the various names.

After a while, you can then request that your guests turn their cards over thus showing only the number.

Everyone will then receive a piece of paper containing all the numbers. The object of the game is to fill in as many names as can be remembered beside the corresponding number.

“I hate”” Home Show Game

Another fun home show game is called “I Hate”.

In this one, guests write down the chore they hate the most and accompany it with two reasons.

Everyone is then required to read her/his statement, but there is a twist.

The chore is to be replaced verbally by a word that is completely out of context. For example, the statement could actually read “I hate cooking. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

When read aloud, the word “cooking” could then be replaced with another to make the entire statement humorous.

The I Hate game can be used with any “I hate” question that is compatible with your business:

  • I hate (this chore) because
  • I hate (cleaning the) because
  • I hate (a TV show) because
  • I hate (my job at) because
  • I hate (running this errand) because
  • I hate (the way this room is decorated) because

You pick the word or words to substitute. So maybe you decide that the substituted word is sex.

When the guests read these statements with the substituted word:
“I hate the way the living room is decorated because the green is ugly and the couch is uncomfortable.”

“I hate cooking. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

They become:
“I hate sex in the living room because the green is ugly and the couch is uncomfortable.”

“I hate sex. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

This is a fun game that will be enjoyed by the guests and will be certain to break the ice.

Pass the Parcel

You can also choose to utilize party games to showcase what you are selling.

Here, “Pass the Parcel” or a treasure hunt can be a lot of fun. Each person asking the consultant a question in a predetermined topic gets the parcel passed to them.

The winner gets to keep the product if they are holding it when the time is up.

The most often-used question topic is “Ask me a question about MyFantasticCompany”.

The game then becomes a tool to share information about the business opportunity and it gives the distributor the ability to determine who has an interest in becoming a consultant.

One word of caution – don’t let this type of game run on too long. You’ll know when it’s time to declare a winner and can then move on to something else.

Tell US Your Favorite Home Party Plan Game

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    Shared by: Roxie Haynes:

    I don’t play a lot of games on a regular basis but have a few. I like the purse game idea. Especially the way you shared it by sprinkling it thru out your show. I also am doing a Booty or Bust based on tickets and a raffle. I also have just gotten a Dic Tac Dough kinda like a wish list. They write down their favorites and at the end of pick a few of my favorites and the first one who gets a Dic Tac Dough. The phone game sounds interesting to me too

    Shared by: Cynthia Brown:

    I sell jewelry and use the purse game, which I ask for items that they should have and then take a moment to talk about the company, the guarantee, the jewelry and booking a party of their own. I also read a story about tv shows to learn who is interested in becoming a consultant. The guest have to guess how many tv shows I have read. The one with the closest guess win jewelry money to be tally at the end of the show and whomever has the most, win free shipping on their order.

    Shared by: Melissa Prichard:

    Wonderful ideas!

    Shared by: Lucinda Newton:

    I love the left, right game as it gets the guests excited. I also do the dice game with envelopes.

    Shared by: Annette Pangburn:

    I like to play the booking game with balloons, they can pop the balloon (but not until the end of the evening), but have to do whats inside like host a party.

    Shared by: Sara:

    Love the ideas from this! I am new to parties, so I have alot to learn!

    Shared by: Sara:

    Love the ideas from this! I am new to parties, so it looks like I am in for quite a good amount of fun!

    Shared by: Jennifer Shubert:

    I love the purse game because you never know what people will pull of of their purse that starts with the letter you asked for. Another favorite is the amazing actress game because it gets guests interacting and laughing at the actresses.

    Shared by: Brenda McCourt:

    I love the left right game. It’s so fun, guests pay attention so they don’t get bored and they each want to win the prize. Looking forward to the e-book to see all the different games. Thank you Deb!

    Shared by: Kimbre Bellhouse:

    I have played a drawing game and then with their order sent them their prize.

    Shared by: Stephanie Robinson:

    I love playing a the purse game as I sell purses. It is a great opportunity to showcase some products that will better organize there purse. I also like the bingo game gets them to pay attention while you show products. Everyone loves to win something.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks everyone for your comments…. your talking Games Book is on the way. Sorry to be slow this week as I was on the road and this is my first login! Check your email.

    Shared by: Lori Fontana:

    The left/right game is the most popular with my party guests or the purse game but another one is the Island Game. You give each person a piece of paper and a pen. They cant (tell them to look up lol) while you tell them to draw an island – then you on the island then put you holding a product (purse in my case). Draw a palm tree etc and who is the most accurate gets a prize – or 1 2 and 3 if a big group. Gives you the opportunity to talk about the business and how you can get free products from incentives as well as trips for sales etc. A different angle. Thanks for all you do Deb! We appreciate you !

    Shared by: Kathy Kiesow:

    I like to play Stealing Hearts. I have 2 or 3 bags with a small gift hidden inside. I have 2 suits of cards, Hearts and Spades. I give each guest a chance to ask questions about my business and when they do, they receive 1 or 2 cards from the Hearts group. After all cards are distributed I then take the Spades and call off each card 1 at a time, quickly. Guests grab whichever bag is available or steal from a different guest. The last ones hold the bags are the winners. I like this because it helps zero in on potential recruits.

    Shared by: carol:

    I like to play the left right game with two gifts. I start with the host and the person beside her and I read a poem with the words left right in it. When it finishes, the one with the gift in her hands wins it!

    Shared by: Tania O'Connell:

    I’ve used the tic tac toe and luv it. Lots of great ideas, can’t wait to get the book. Thank u

    Shared by: Joyce Pringle:

    I’ve played the I hate game. It was fun.

    Shared by: Mary Ellen Campbell:

    I too use the Left-Right Game as it works well and people enjoy it as an ice breaker. Thanks for the book of games

    Shared by: Linda:

    I am a new consultant and I haven’t had my first party yet. This book sounds so interesting and I will give me a way to break the ice not only for the guests, but for myself also. Thank you for writing a book of frames and sharing it with all of us.

    Shared by: Ailsa:

    I love the “I hate” game, what a hilarious idea!

    Shared by: Joan Skjelstad:

    I usually play the “right-left” game as it gets everyone laughing and relaxed. I wrap the gift/prize in nice paper which gets them guessing about what it could be.

    Shared by: Lucy K:

    I LOVE this article and question!

    I have done the left/right game but the most fun we have had is when we do a scavenger hunt at my new Idea Book Open House. I sell scrapbooking/crafting products.

    What I do is create projects or have the product around the room. Each participant has a piece of paper that sends them on a more “traditional” scavenger hunt through our Idea Book (catalog) BUT they get extra tickets when they find either the product they have seen in the room OR the products used to create the projects they see. They call me over and shod me the page to get the extra tickets. It’s hilarious to watch grown women hiding their pages from the other guests to show me what they found. TONS of fun!

    Shared by: Polly:

    I usually use the LEFT/RIGHT and have used Book to Look envelopes before. I like the use of the Balloons – Festive and Fun. Thanks to all who have given me more ideas.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    It is on the way, Kellie by Email!

    Shared by: Kellie Piet:

    My first party I played the left right game. I was so nervous, I actually read “GASP” out loud rather than enacting it…lol I’m so glad it was a good friend that was hosting :) Thank you so much for the offer of a free e-book! Can’t wait to get it and use it!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    It is on the way, Jackie – sent it too your email. Everyone who comments gets the ebook by email.

    Shared by: jackie:

    I’m pretty new and only had one party so far, and I didn’t know about any of these games or what to do so I didn’t get any bookings. I am so glad I found this sight I will be booking at my next. I think I will try the balloon game first! Thanks for the ideas – oh, and I would still love to get the game e book if I can please!

    Shared by: Claudia Marie:

    I do chocolate tasting & pairing parties. When guests introduce themselves they have to do so in terms of chocolate… for example, what kind of chocolate confection best describes who they are.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    LOTS of great ideas here… That is a good one, Stephanie!

    Hope you all read down through the comments because there are so many games here that you have got to be able to find one that meets your needs.

    Shared by: Stephanie Anderson:

    I have gone onto print bingo.com and created my own bingo cards.

    Each square has a word or phrase that I specifically chose to reflect my business. Either the founders name, a product we sell, a hostess reward, etc…as I mention each item, the guest gets to mark off their board. The first one with a BINGO gets a prize.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks Marie – just sent you your ebook. This was a new one to the list! Love it!

    Shared by: Marie Norfleet:

    I took pictures of 12 items from catalog (only like the corner of a wallet, just part of the item) and made into 4×6 collage photo. Those 12 items are hidden in plain site in the room where party takes place. Each guest is given the photo and asked to look around for the items and write down #1 to #12 where they are and for tie breakers they would need items correct name from catalog. The guest get up and mingle and try helping each other out.

    Shared by: Sheree:

    I love the “Have you Ever” game. You ask a series of questions and if guest says yes they move one seat to the left.

    They may need to sit on someone’s lap. Could be a huge pile up. The more the better. Winner is first back to their own seat.

    Shared by: Lauren Hall:

    I am pretty new to the whole party plan gig and never quite know what to do. I’ve really only tried the 3 mystery boxes. Which can be hit or miss. As I’ve got to remember to keep mentioning them throughout the party.

    Shared by: Steph:

    I love the balloon game, I always get great bookings from that game :)

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    That is a good idea, Melissa – When you work out the details do a short write up if you want to share it and we can put up a guest blog post.

    Shared by: Melissa Faulkner:

    Many great ideas here. I haven’t done this yet but am going to do a Pictionary type game and draw an item from the catalog. Guests will look through the catalog to identify it. First person to get it draws next item and so on. Give fake $ equal to price and then explain how they can get it for free.

    Shared by: Arilys palacios:

    I usually play the right left game, the purse game, or if you are interviewing for my job what are some of the questions you would have. As they ask questions I give them tickets at the end I call the winner.

    Shared by: Claire:

    I play a game that has a list of random questions, such as “who has green eyes”.

    If any of the guest have green eyes they move one seat to the right but the person sitting there can’t move until they can answer true to a question so you end up having people stack up on top of each other. the object of the game is to be the first to get back to your original seat.

    Shared by: Jane Hardin:

    I get a lot of great ideas from this site. Thank you for all the good info.

    Shared by: Jane Hardin:

    I play the RIGHT LEFT game at my parties. As I read a story about my company with a lot of right and left words in it. the prize is passed either right or left when the word is used. the one with the prize in their hand when the story is finished wins.

    Shared by: LaVern:

    The Ummm Game (Icebreaker)…Going around the room, each guest talks continously for 30 seconds about themselves and how they feel about jewelry (why they love it; what kind they like; what they don’t like, etc), but they can’t say “ummm”. If they do, they’re disqualified. The winner gets a prize (usually a piece of preselected jewelry). In case of a tie,they repeat for 45 seconds for a winner. Guests love it and get really competitive…the more excited they get the harder it is to stay focused and talk without saying “ummm”.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Love it, Robyn!

    Shared by: Robyn Correa:

    The Balloon Game

    As guests enter the party, give them each a balloon. Inside each balloon is a folded note. Tell them that this is their balloon for the night and to hold onto it. As the show goes on, they’ll be curious about this balloon and what’s inside.

    At the end of your presentation, tell them that inside each balloon is a bonus/prize. If they book a party, they can pop the balloon to reveal their prize. It can be anything from free shipping, a small item, gift certificate to a local shop or a large item that will be given at their show. That’s up to you.

    I love this game. Once your guests hear the first pop, the rest want to pop theirs too. At one of my parties, nobody jumped right in to try it. Finally, a guest told me she wanted to book. I got out my pin and popped it for her. After that, the pops were everywhere. It just takes one to get it going.

    Shared by: ESTHER:

    I love this game.

    Everyone gets a set of beads when they come in the door. (Like the Marti Gras).

    I pick a word you CANNOT say during the party. If you say the WORD, whoever catches the WORD wins your beads. Whoever has the most beads at the end wins a prize.

    Example, Baby shower would be Baby. I sell nail wraps. I like to use a common word dealing with the weather. Most that are chatting to new friends will comment about the weather..HOT COLD SNOW DRY..example words.

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