200+ Home Party Plan Games

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Home Party Plan Games

It seems like every direct selling – home party plan consultant wants more bookings and party game ideas!

home party plan games

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Games Make Shows Fun

Have you ever put together a home party show presentation and wondered how you would create an interactive atmosphere?

Getting people to interact at your shows is important to generate the fun factor.

Home party plan games provide the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved. They are fun, interesting and can help to sell a product very quickly.

If everyone is having fun at your parties, bookings will be great!

Name and Number” Home Party Plan Game

One great icebreaker game is called “Name and Number”.

Upon arriving at the party, each guest is given an index card containing his or her name on one side and a number on the other.

Guests are then required to wear the card with the name side showing.

This will introduce everyone to one another. Guests are encouraged to make these introductions personally so that everyone will become acquainted with the various names.

After a while, you can then request that your guests turn their cards over thus showing only the number.

Everyone will then receive a piece of paper containing all the numbers. The object of the game is to fill in as many names as can be remembered beside the corresponding number.

“I hate”” Home Show Game

Another fun home show game is called “I Hate”.

In this one, guests write down the chore they hate the most and accompany it with two reasons.

Everyone is then required to read her/his statement, but there is a twist.

The chore is to be replaced verbally by a word that is completely out of context. For example, the statement could actually read “I hate cooking. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

When read aloud, the word “cooking” could then be replaced with another to make the entire statement humorous.

The I Hate game can be used with any “I hate” question that is compatible with your business:

  • I hate (this chore) because
  • I hate (cleaning the) because
  • I hate (a TV show) because
  • I hate (my job at) because
  • I hate (running this errand) because
  • I hate (the way this room is decorated) because

You pick the word or words to substitute. So maybe you decide that the substituted word is sex.

When the guests read these statements with the substituted word:
“I hate the way the living room is decorated because the green is ugly and the couch is uncomfortable.”

“I hate cooking. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

They become:
“I hate sex in the living room because the green is ugly and the couch is uncomfortable.”

“I hate sex. It takes too long and I always burn something in the process”.

This is a fun game that will be enjoyed by the guests and will be certain to break the ice.

Pass the Parcel

You can also choose to utilize party games to showcase what you are selling.

Here, “Pass the Parcel” or a treasure hunt can be a lot of fun. Each person asking the consultant a question in a predetermined topic gets the parcel passed to them.

The winner gets to keep the product if they are holding it when the time is up.

The most often-used question topic is “Ask me a question about MyFantasticCompany”.

The game then becomes a tool to share information about the business opportunity and it gives the distributor the ability to determine who has an interest in becoming a consultant.

One word of caution – don’t let this type of game run on too long. You’ll know when it’s time to declare a winner and can then move on to something else.

Tell US Your Favorite Home Party Plan Game

party plan gamesWhen you comment on this post below and outline a game you have played at your home party we will send you the 24 page talking E-Book “Powerful Party Games”.

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What home party plan games do you play?

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    Shared by: Susie:

    I’ve played the left/right game, find it in the catalog game and the dice game. I’m always looking for new ideas to help the guests have fun! Thanks!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Nice Sharon… I am pretty sure that is a new one in the list!! Thank you!

    Shared by: Sharon:

    I enjoy playing the BOOK IT, FLIP IT, WIN IT GAME It’s a booking game to help fill your calendar full of parties!
    Materials Needed:
    1. 6-10 Heart Cards, with prizes listed on the back
    2. 6-10 prizes that you have listed on the cards. Prizes
    Instruct your guests that when their wish list gets bigger than their wallet and they decide they want to book a party, to yell “I want to flip it!”. Then give the guest 6-10 cards to choose from. The back of the card should have a small and simple prize listed that the guest receives for booking the party.
    In the shopping room, you can secure the party date with them and give them their prize.

    Shared by: Sharon:

    Found some great new games in here – certainly going to try a few of them out at my parties! Thank you so much for sharing these.

    Shared by: Penny:

    I play left to right story game. Also – find it in the catalog. When I start talking about a product – be the first to find it and you get a ballot for a prize.

    Shared by: Kathy Olson:

    I can’t seem to get this to go through!

    Shared by: Kathy Olson:

    I am a newbie and I am sure I will appreciate all the help I can get! Thanks for the book!

    Shared by: Kathy Olson:

    I play the What’s App game. You give out points for all the different apps on ones phone. Extra or deducted points for a dumb phone. Haha

    Shared by: Phylecia:

    I love the pass the parcel game!

    Shared by: Darcy:

    I am a new advisor and have only played games as a guest.

    Shared by: Darcy:

    I am a new advisor and have not played games myself but have gone to parties and played the purse game before.

    Shared by: jessica:

    i haven\\\’t used any games and love all the ideas from you ladies!

    Shared by: jessica:

    i haven’t used any games and love all the ideas from you ladies!

    Shared by: Krystle:

    I like to start introduction with a game of telephone, a little revised to fit my party.. Guest sit in circle, and one at a time whisper name and something about themselves to person on their left. Then the telephone game begins.. That person shares to left, and so on until it comes to the last person sitting on the right of the original person who shared. The last person then say their neighbor to the lefts name and interesting thing about them… The answers get everyone laughing and breaks the ice. We then go around the whole circle and at the end can do a quick correction with each Person going around again or they can say correction at time of their turn. This game is best for smaller parties, unless you have enough time for a larger group as it does get time consuming if you don’t stay on task. And thanks everyone for the great ideas and this website is awesome for new games to keep my buisness fun and interesting for future consultants and clients! Thanks!

    Shared by: Denise:

    I play the left right game and the purse game.

    Shared by: Donna:

    I have played the left/right game, how green are you, ask me anything. A lot of the same people attend parties with their friends so I like different ideas for games so they aren’t always playing the same ones!

    Shared by: Beth:

    I have used the left right game, ask me anything, and purse game. Looking for some new games!

    Shared by: Nancy Wilkie:

    As an icebreaker I ask my guests to tell me about their first experience with tea. Someone always get teary talking about their mom or grandma (including me).

    Shared by: Pat Smart:

    I like to play a True or False game. I give each of the guests either 2 cards with “True” or “False” on them or one card with each word on a separate side of the card. Then I have a “test” including questions such as:
    T or F:
    Tomboy Tools (now Project Home) was founded by
    3 women in Denver Co. OR

    Holding up an unusual tool such as our 5-in-1 paint
    tool, I don’t name it but give it a really unusual use.

    I have about a dozen questions. I give out “Allie” dollars or tickets for correct answers. The guest who gets the
    most correct answers wins a prize. This gae goes quickly

    I also play a “Name This Tool” game where I hold up a tool. Whoever gets the answer first gets a ticket. The one with the most tickets wins a prize. I play this game rather quickly, so they don’t have much time to think about the possibilities or discuss with their friends.

    Shared by: Tami:

    I play the purse game and ask them to find something starting with the letter G….the first to find it gets a ticket and I tell them about Premier’s Golden Guarantee….etc…..the person with the most tickets wins the prize

    Shared by: toni:

    I’m excited to see the games

    Shared by: Brenda:

    I like to play “Get to Know You BINGO.” This is a great ice breaker and puts everyone at ease, especially if it is a group that doesn’t know each other. Make up a BINGO card with things on it like “has lived in this state her entire life,” or “is a twin,” “has a green car,” etc.–various things that will help you get to know each other. Pass out the cards and pens and tell the guests to “get to know each other” by mingling with each other and finding out things about the other guests present and trying to get a BINGO. This always puts everyone in a festive mood and sets the tone for a party atmosphere. Be sure to include something funny, too, such as “who went skinny-dipping” :)

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