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Learn how to become a master at home party plan recruiting. Home business recruiting tips and strategies.

Reasons To Join Direct Sales Now
By Robin Corbin

Read 7 reasons to join direct sales as the year winds down. When you have the mindset for recruiting you will bring in consultants over the holidays!

Offer Cookies To Your FRANK List
By Jodi Keller

jodi keller
Redo the FRANK list and make a plan to meet up them on it over the holidays and grow your team while you enjoy the holiday parties with friends and family.

Cross Cultural Recruiting For Diverse Team

cross cultural recruiting
Read how Leyla Okhai, NYR Organics has used cross cultural recruiting to grow her business accross many cultures.

Overcome The Gomer Pyle Syndrome

the gomer pyle syndrome
When a direct sales consultant understands the Gomer Pyle Syndrome they can overcome it. Create a recruiting machine by bringing in better consultants!

Common Recruitment Questions

recruitment questions
Recruitment Questions that are not asked should not be answered. Too much information may talk your lead out of it. Read how to answer common questions.

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