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Learn how to become a master at home party plan recruiting. Home business recruiting tips and strategies.

Teach Recruiting The Same As Sales!

ideal sales rep
Learn how to leverage your time and Teach Recruiting as you teach the sales training from day one! Leverage your time when you Teach Recruiting.

What Is A Direct Sales Red Flag?

Red Flag
A direct sales red flag is a moment in time when your lead gives you a hint that they may be interested in your opportunity. Read the list!

Tips To Become Successful Recruiter

direct selling tax deductions
A successful recruiter has 11simple and basic traits. Learn how to share the opportunity more by incorporating and practicing these techniques.

Why Direct Sales? Direct Sales Benefits!

Learn why direct sales is better than becoming a WAH employee for a corporation that allows you to work at home rather than coming to the office.

Handling Objections To Business Opportunity

Handling objections when talking to potential distributors will become spontaneous when you practice this method of handling objections. Recruit MORE!