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Learn how to become a master at home party plan recruiting. Home business recruiting tips and strategies.

Handling Objections To Business Opportunity

Handling objections when talking to potential distributors will become spontaneous when you practice this method of handling objections. Recruit MORE!

Have You Ever Thought About Doing What I Do?

Have you ever thought about doing what I do? is a simple question that when asked at the right moment will give you LOTS of recruit leads!

Dana Phillips On Recruiting

Dana Phillips
Dana Phillips is the guest on the Cash Flow Show - Direct Sales Radio! Learn the 5 F words that will help you to build your sales organization.

Get Recruit Leads = Create Desire

ideal sales rep
Your direct sales show is the best place to Get Recruit Leads. Read 28 reasons why someone should join your company and get more recruit leads!

The Recruiting Process: 5 I’s

The Recruiting Process
An understanding of the recruiting process and the development of those skills in your team will create a caring and sharing team that consistently grows.