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Learn how to become a master at home party plan recruiting. Home business recruiting tips and strategies.

Legitimate Work At Home Businesses

Legitimate Work At Home Businesses
This post answers the question are there any Legitimate Work At Home Businesses or legitimate work at home jobs or are they all scams! Give us your input!

It Is NOT About YOU!

It Is Not About You
It Is NOT About YOU! When you are sharing your business opportunity with others it should be about them! Read why they really do not care what you did!

Numbers Recruitment = 40 Year

Numbers recruitment is a simple math formula. Make recruitment contacts a day and sign 40 distributors a year. It is simple to recruit by the numbers!

Teach Recruiting The Same As Sales!

ideal sales rep
Learn how to leverage your time and Teach Recruiting as you teach the sales training from day one! Leverage your time when you Teach Recruiting.

Tips To Become Successful Recruiter

direct selling tax deductions
A successful recruiter has 11simple and basic traits. Learn how to share the opportunity more by incorporating and practicing these techniques.

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