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Learn how to become a master at home party plan recruiting. Home business recruiting tips and strategies.

The Recruiting Process: 5 I’s

The Recruiting Process
An understanding of the recruiting process and the development of those skills in your team will create a caring and sharing team that consistently grows.

Handling Objections To Business Opportunity

Handling objections when talking to potential distributors will become spontaneous when you practice this method of handling objections. Recruit MORE!

Offer Cookies To Your FRANK List (Part 3)

jodi keller
Redo the FRANK list and make a plan to meet up them on it over the holidays and grow your team while you enjoy the holiday parties with friends and family.

Have A Genuine Interest In People! (Part 2)

The second of 3 leaders sharing how to be share your opportunity with genuine interest over the holidays. Read and listen & grow your team with these tips.

Reasons To Join Direct Sales Over The Holidays (#1)

Read the 10 tips and 7 reasons to join direct sales as the year winds down. Listen to Robin Corbin on the radio as explain how to recruit during this festive season.