Attraction Marketing (DSRU #2)

Attraction marketing is more than thinking positive thoughts!

This is the second in a 5 part series on Direct Sales Recruiting.

If you found this page randomly, you should start at the beginning by reading the introductory post and get on the free party plan recruiting video list so that you receive the links to the whole series of webinars.

β€œDeb, You know I loved your program so much I had to bring my team back for a second round. The first group through the University started recruiting before they were even finished with the class. When we enrolled the second time everyone wanted to take the class. The concepts are so unique I had not heard anything like it before. My team has doubled this year!”
Jaine Gunning, Witchita, KS

What Is Attraction Marketing?!

attraction marketing Attraction marketing is creating desire in the market place for your direct sales business’s products, opportunity or services.

It is not just thinking positive thoughts!

Attraction marketing requires actions too!

Attraction Marketing is based on daily ACTIONS!

Create Desire For Direct Sales Business

The system that most direct sales consultants are taught to market their business does not work!

When we create a list of our top 40-100 people we have ever known and ask them to sign up or host a show or buy something it just does not work!

Attraction marketing is creating desire in the market place for your product opportunity and services.

Incorporate Into ALL Sales Efforts

Once you know how to use attraction marketing by focusing on creating desire you can use it to:

  • Sell products
  • Find bookings
  • Share the opportunity
  • Get your team to recruit
  • Develop leaders
Hey Deb, I just wanted to let you know that I recruited two last month during the webinars and may have two-three more this month. All of your information has been excellent and very helpful in my presentations each week. Thanks for all your time and effort. Best wishes to you and I’ll stay tuned each week to keep climbing upward in my business. Love ya!
Graciela Derry, Titusville, FL
The Direct Sales Recruiting University full version is a 7 week/7 hour course!!

We only scratch the surface in the FREE version!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Even though you do not do home parties there is a lot you can take from these training events. (Home parties are an awesome lead generation system even if your company does not really market that way… think about it!)

    The Cash Flow Show program is all about the home party:

    But it does include a section on how to tell what to focus on. Basically, your time is in relation to value and also to ease of sales. You can sprinkle into conversation any number of products you have as the opp arises. But you may want to think about which ones are easiest to sell because of the value they add to lives.

    Shared by: Debbie:

    My company does not have ‘home parties’. We basically rely on our catalogues. Your video today turned on a light bulb in my head! So I need to focus more on my wording/writing re: my Web Site as to how our products serve them. To create/inform/increase desire and to attract customers who want/need my products! The problem is we have so many diverse products, I don’t know which ones to choose. Should I just focus on a few? I’m stumped on this one.

    Shared by: Diane Berl:

    Thanks Deb, for #1 making this training available for Free, and #2 giving new insights on how to recruit by sharing our stories. Learning how to create stories and create memories for our prospects is much better than straight out asking for a show or a purchase.
    Thanks again!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    GREAT, Michelle, glad you like it!

    Shared by: Michelle:

    AWESOME ~ I have a hand-cramp from writing so many notes! I really liked the comment about attracting instead of pushing our opp onto someone who we think needs it. So very true. It is so much more fitting for me to love what I do and share than push. I don’t like pushy! Thanks for incredible info…and FREE?!! I am forever grateful. So wonderful to have this kind of resource for those getting started that may not have the “extra” to invest in their business development yet. Thank you so very much.

    Shared by: Stephenie:

    Thank you! I have struggled with this.

    Shared by: Stephenie:

    Thank you! I have struggled with “The Close” at my spas because I don’t want to throw up all of my business opportunity at once. I love the idea (and it seems so simple now) of sprinkling the opportunity throughout. You have given me a lot of food for thought and ACTION.

    Shared by: Becky:

    Thank you for another great training session!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Good for you Shannon, yes, you really need the passion!!

    Shared by: Shannon Bretz:

    I am really enjoying this training!! Thank you Deb for sharing and I love how you put the importance on Sharing the Opportunity is the best way to build!!

    What really hit home for me was the #1 tip…Believe in the Opportunity(or product or service)

    I spent a couple of years floundering at another DS company. I switched and had automatic instant success with new company and I can really pinpoint the reason why is because of my Belief. It shows in my presentation and therefore it ATTRACTS!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    I think you have answered your own questions, Jas –
    I felt like I was chained to a desk and someone else was controlling my life. The story does not mean you arrived at your dreams.

    Write it as if you are not at least taking control of your life, and how you can see the vision of what you want things to be. Your dreams and how it is already paying off.

    Shared by: JAS:

    Hi Deb,

    Awesome video! I am working on revamping my story. However, since I am not were I want to be in my business it’s is hard to come up with answers to “What it used to be like?”, “Why you like it?”, and “What is it like now?”. The reason I started my opportunity is because I want to have total control over my time and not be chained to an office with them calling the shots. Since I have not arrived at that point yet, how would I answer the questions above? The question, “What has happened to make you change?” I have an answer for which is basically, the company promised me certain things such as flexibility and the opportunity to further enhance my technical skills, but took that away after a few short months and that’s why I started my business so that I can call the shots. Sorry so long winded, but really would like your input here πŸ™‚

    Shared by: JAS:

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks so much for the free training! I have been working my business since February of this year and have only been able to sponsor one person. How do you find the right people for your business. I would like to hear more on this. I feel like I am looking in the wrong places. Some people in our company come on board and they are booming within a month. I feel that I should at the very least be able to sponsor one person a month, but I am really having a difficult time. I know that it came be done as I see others doing it.

    Shared by: Natalie Bigio:

    Wow Deb. I have listened to you for almost a year now and you always have great ideas that I have been slowly adding to my business style. Today’s insight about the signing up process was just so on target, especially for me. It did not work and I was so frustrated, but I loved the products and the flexibility of running my own business and that enthusiasm drew people to want to do what I do. I actually won an award for top recruiter on my upline’s team! Now I understand why that worked for me and you can bet I will be applying that concept to motivating my team. The other aha moment was when you talked about Nancy, your 76 year old team member. I am 65 and I have been worried that I found this business too late and wondering just how long I can do this. Well you certainly addressed that concern and I am no longer worried about it. I will just keep going as long as it continues to be the amazing journey that it has been thus far.Thank you Deb (and Nancy)

    Shared by: Lisa Owen:

    I’m loving these. I’ve shared with my team and hoping there soaking all this FREE info up!!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    These are some great topics. Most of which are all covered on the full version. I am going to get back to everyone with some insight if I can not include everything in the mini-webinars.

    Shared by: Marg:

    Great insight, as usual Deb. I send out weekly emails & I’m always stumped as to what will get customers to read, become interested, and buy. Any help in this area would be much appreciated.

    Shared by: Kathe:

    Thanks so much for this training! I was skeptical when I found out the topic, because so much of the “attraction” philosophy is that you “just have good thoughts and energy and whatever you want will come to you”. As if you didn’t have to do any work to get it! I was pleasantly surprised, and once again I appreciate how common sense you are πŸ™‚

    Shared by: Jenny:

    Thank you again!
    I`m a Unit Leader and I notice that Uplines including mine just spend their time pushing others to get to Leadership for the commission check.
    They don`t understand that We need to have a strong foundation in order to grow.
    I really want to learn how to handle that pressure and stay focus about what`s good for me and my business.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Yes, Jeri, it would be great to do as a team project although I am sure everyone can think of 20 on their own over a course of a couple days so as a group you should get a lot more than 20!! Glad to see all the great comments!!

    Shared by: Sheila:

    Hi Deb, Great class! I now know what to do with my sliced bread list and will get busy on the stories.

    Shared by: Jeri Grantham:

    Deb, thank you for the great training. I know that it might seem a little overwelming for one person to come up with 20 or more different stories, so I am thinking of making this a team exercise. We all come up with features. Then list the benefits of the features. Then brainstorm mini stories about those benefits. That way we all have a bunch of stories from different perspectives.
    One thing I’d like to see in future sessions is a chat about organization or work/life balance. I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t have the systems in place to implement the ideas and/or follow up with them.

    Shared by: Marina:

    I’m an independant beauty consultant with a french twist. I’m so glad I found you through the Global teleclass website. Now, I know what to write for my story and tell people what I love about the ColorMebeautiful company.

    Shared by: Sue Coleman:

    Another good one Deb! Thanks for sharing! I will be sharing these with my team!

    Shared by: Betsy White:

    I am really liking this series and hope to be able to gather up a whole team to take the full classes. Love the share the dream concept.

    Shared by: LaurieToller:

    I have found this to be very helpful. Attraction marketing is so often talked about but not often explaines as well as you did here.

    Shared by: Marianne:

    Deb, this is great information. My question is Once you have someone that is interested in your business opportunity how to you keep them interested to sign up. I find I have people that want information, you sit with them give them the data and then you don’t hear back from them.
    Any advise would be great.

    Shared by: Lisa Merchants:

    I would love to learn more about how to get people to my team meeting and also how to train new consultants.

    Shared by: Maribel Smith:

    This was good. It hit home. More examples would be good too, like Melodie said.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Melodie, I recommend 20 stories per show. That way you hit every personality.

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks for that Selina – some companies/leaders tend to be too proprietary (fear of competition) and that is not good for anyone! Collaboration is the answer!

    Shared by: Selina:

    Wow Deb, once again so many fantastic tips. But I think the one that is getting overlooked is “giving” You are giving of your time and knowledge and I think that the least we can do as leaders is to pass this on to our teams. Don’t be greedy or selfish, but ‘share’ I think you can get further by speading knowlegde around verse keeping it to yourself.

    Thanks again.

    Shared by: Melodie:

    Thanks for spending the time to give this great training to us for Free! How generous of you! I’m wondering if you could give some more tangible examples of turning our features into benefits and then making stories out of them. That would be helpful to me. Then, I’m also wondering about how much time in a show you actually spend on these stories/recruiting? Also, how do you recommend following up with those that seem interested and do you have a good system to begin a new recruit on the right track? Thanks again!

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