Believe In Home Business Opportunities!

Most people believe in the home business opportunities for themselves but when it comes to others they do not have a strong enough belief to share it.

REALLY Believe In Home Business Opportunity

home party opportunity

There are 5 traits or skills that are required for a consultant to be good at recruiting and sharing the home based business opportunity.

  1. A belief in the opportunity
  2. A consistent show schedule
  3. Fun at shows & in business
  4. A focus on others
  5. The desire to get really good at signing up consultants

It all starts with a firm belief in your business opportunity.

This is why home party distributors with a passion for their company always grow a sales organization.

Without that solid belief in the opportunity it is impossible to become an awesome recruiter.

This topic is covered in greater detail in the Direct Sales Recruiting University!

More time should be spent in team training meetings focusing on developing the belief in your opportunity for your team.

  • Teach Your Team To Believe In The Business Opportunity!

When each home party team meeting has a recruiting topic that helps the team to grow more and more passionate about their opportunity, they will become passionate about sharing it.

They must truly believe that your company is the best thing since sliced bread!

The Time For At Home Business Opportunities!

Paul Zane Pilzner said that now is the time for entrepreneurs.

Mr. Pilzer says that before the middle of this century EVERY household will have a home business operating within it due to the benefits of home office deductions and time restrictions in our fast 21st century lives.

Working from home provides another income into the home without pulling the wage earner away from family.

Deb Bixler says that NOW is the time for home party plan businesses.
Learn More About The Direct Sales Recruiting University!

At a time when customer service is lacking and technology is replacing one-on-one sales relationships, the home party environment could not be better!

The party plan format gives your customers the attention and service that they crave.

Home Business Opportunities’ Benefits

The home office deduction the big payoff in all home business opportunities!

Working at home is rarely a get rich quick situation and yet working at home is like working once and getting paid twice.

Think about it….

  • Create income with your business sales and commissions.
  • Create income by reducing your taxes using the home office deduction.

The only thing required to legally take the home office deduction is a written direct sales and marketing plan and an intent to profit. (This is not tax advice.)

Of course you need to have a home office too!

Train Your Team To Believe

When you focus team training topics on ‘believing in the opportunity” and teach your team how to utilize the home office deductions while growing their business they will develop a passion for sharing the benefits of the home business opportunity as well!


    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    When I first joined, I was hesitant about sharing the business opportunity. Now I see that I should have shared it from the beginning.

    Shared by: Callie Thames:

    Sharing the opportunity is one area of my business that needs some work in 2013. I will definitely be passing along this article to my downline. I want my team to EXPLODE this year. Thanks, Deb! You rock!

    Shared by: Carrie Douthit:

    direct sales recruiting university here I come!! I so need this training, it’s my biggest weakness.

    Shared by: Dawn Mulvey:

    Great reminders.

    Shared by: EdieAnne:

    This is exactly what I mean…. “Train Your Team To Believe In Sharing The Opportunity!” I have learned I don’t sell, I share! This is now our moto on our team!

    Shared by: Lindsay:

    I definitely am going to sit down and take a more serious look at my 2013 business plans! and implement many of your ideas into my plans! Thanks Deb!

    Shared by: Marcia Patch:

    I implemented you idea of doing buisness “along the way” on trips. With your advice I have been keeping good documentation on all my travels – love the mileage deduction especially with the high cost of gas!

    Shared by: Lauren:

    I love the home office benefits…I have 2 businesses (DS and in-home daycare) and I make the same because of the deductions as when I was working at an outside job (but now I get to be with my family). Great info. Deb!

    Shared by: Judy Long:

    Thanks Deb for always opening my eyes to new ideas. I can’t seem to keep a good handle on deductions… I always start with good intentions but … just need to get files in order I am sure…

    Shared by: Vicki:

    Amazing stuff – never gets old and everytime I read I learn something new and remind myself of what I have already known and seem to have lost. Thanks Deb – You are Amazing and Keep up the great work

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