Cross Cultural Recruiting For Diverse Team

Leyla Okhai is a diversity professional in the UK.

She has used that background to build a diverse direct sales business team, in all aspects – race, ethnicity, dis/ability, age, gender, etc. that will link with a more diverse range of customers and potential customers.

With a wide variety of personalities on a team you will connect with a wider range of customers.

Cross Cultural Recruiting

Seek out direct sales business associates, hosts, recruits and friends outside of your culture.

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Everyone has a culture, so use yours!

We all have a cultural background – think about what yours is and what values you hold. After giving this some thought, make a list of those values.

It’s these values that will help you to connect to people and be able to establish the perspective a new host may be coming from.

Research Cultures In Your Area

Research is key to cross-cultural recruiting. You must get to know your area!

Find out what’s in your area in terms of diversity and communities.

Then do your research. It’s ok not to know everything. It’s not ok to make assumptions and guesses.

You must have some cultural capital in hand as you step out. There really is no excuse with internet sites, blogs, Facebook and articles at hand.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

That’s right, get out of your comfort zone, attend new types of events, link with diverse community groups and visit different churches and other places of worship.

Remember different festivals like Chinese New Year, Diwali, etc. Learn how people prepare for them and then you can gear your business for them too.

Your direct sales recruiting efforts will definitely pay off when you look at making friends in a new culture!

Respect Other Cultures

It is key that you try to pronounce peoples’ names properly especially if you want to recruit business partners!  If it is a name that is new to you, please don’t guess!
cross cultural recruiting
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It’s much better to say something like, “I am sorry I didn’t catch that, please could you repeat your name and bear with me, I will get there.”  Your potential host or recruit will not feel valued unless you make an effort to do this.

Have some fun and get to know people!

Don’t be afraid to get out there and turn strangers into friends. You may have a different culture, but that doesn’t mean you have different values.

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