Make Recruiting Gift Bags

Marketing your business opportunity at a direct sales home party is really just creating desire. 

When you create desire for your business using recruiting gift bags people will be asking you if they can have more information.

Isn’t that what we all want?

One approach is to soft sell your business opportunity at your parties is to use the opportunity gift bag approach.

Direct Selling Recruiting Gift Bags

Recruiting Gift Bags

You can put together your opportunity gift bag and use it at your home shows to sell your business opportunity.

When you prominently display your bags on the table it will be a reminder for you and a source of curiosity for your guests.

The recruiting gift bag will create a fun way to market your opportunity without being pushy.

What’s In A Recruiting Gift Bag?

Your gift bag is really just well-packaged opportunity information.

Below is a sample list of what you need to create your opportunity bags. Your actual contents will vary based on your company’s product and recruiting materials.

You can use any recruiting & marketing tools your company offers in the bag.

How To Make Recruiting Packets

You can put anything in your recruiting packet that you want.

This is a good starter list for the average direct sales consultant:Opportunity Gift Bags

  • Clear bag
  • Tinsel or frilly shredded paper
  • Bright-colored card that lists “Whats In The Kit”
  • Copy of your commission check
  • Opportunity brochure
  • Opportunity CD or DVD
  • Gift: small under $1.00 item, preferably costing only pennies.
  • Decorative sticker or label with a message to hold it shut
  • Payday candy bar

Now that you have your opportunity gift bags prepared, use them at your home party to market your direct sales opportunity. 

Think big!

Bring at least 3 to each show. 

Position one in a prominent location to develop curiosity.  This will also be a reminder to you to sprinkle recruiting words throughout your show.

Market Your Sales Opportunity

Marketing is the art, science and skill of creating more and more desire in the marketplace for your products, opportunity and services. The short definition of marketing is: creating desire!
Join The Direct Sales Recruiting University
You will create desire for your opportunity by sprinkling the benefits of your direct sales business throughout your show in a conversational manner.

Direct Selling Recruiting Tips

  • Use your opportunity bag as your prize drawing and at that time you can be more direct in your marketing approach.
  • Watch for opportunity red flags and be proactive!!
  • Plan when you are sprinkling your recruiting messages.
  • Learn more recruiting – marketing strategies by taking the Direct Sales Recruiting University!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Not sure how I missed your comment on the Cash Flow Show gift bag post. I usually reply a lot quicker! Sorry –

    Here is more info on the sticker holding the bag shut.

    Shared by: Susan:

    What does the sticker closing up the bag say? Love the clear bag idea.

    Shared by: Maria Savich:

    I use folders but really like the gift bags. I have never used payday bars or a copy of a check. I will try it at my next party! But where do you put the bags when there is no room?

    Shared by: Lauren Kelly:

    Good ideas here…taking notes!

    Shared by: Linda Rennie:

    Great ideas…sparking curiosity is the best way to draw attention to what you would like to bring attention. And, keeping the bags fun and seasonal, will get more attention than a plan folder or envelope..Loving the comments, too. So many ideas!

    Shared by: Linda feagin:

    Good way to get a pack into the hands of an interested guest.

    Shared by: Mandy Voyce:

    Now I’m going to have to find some payday chocolate bars :)
    Loving your top 10 of 2014!

    Shared by: Kathy Nicholls:

    I love doing these. I always have some with me and I include word stones in mine. Just a little token of something. Love the idea of the Payday candy bar. I am also making some of those stickers! We have a new catalog coming and this will be a great way to give out the old ones!

    Shared by: Sherry Bagwell:

    Loved the idea of putting a copy of my commission check in the opportunity recruiting bags:)

    Sherry Bagwell

    Shared by: Melissa Koterba:

    This idea I would have never thought of. I LOVE the idea & will be using it in 2015!!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Jennifer – I used to use stickers that said “If you like what you see and your wallet says no, then gather 6 orders and call it a show!” to seal them up. You can see them here:

    Jo – I did not have a bookings bag. I of course had hostess packets and always booked 3 or more parties at each show. The stickers pictured at the above line were on all catalogs front and back and also on the page with the hostess benefits.

    I did use the gift bag as well for any prize drawings that I did at the party even if they were not interested in the opp. Another chance to talk about it!

    Shared by: Jennifer Trapp:

    I always have recruiting and party bags at my events!! I have never put a payday candy bar in them!!!!!! I will immediately start doing that!!! My gifts are always samples that I can buy from my company and are very reasonably priced! I seal my bags with one of my business cards stapled to it!!

    Shared by: Kim:

    I haven’t done a home party, yet. I will definitely put this on my list to do! Thank you!

    Shared by: Jo:

    Love the idea of a clear bag! Do you do a similar bag as a booking gift/incentive?

    Shared by: Karen Rowe:

    This idea does work.

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    I feel so silly that I’ve been doing my opportunity bags using an opaque gift bag. No one has any idea what’s in them! Going to switch to clear bags.

    Shared by: Rachel:

    I don’t get commission checks but I might include an index card saying “I made _______ from this party! Find out how much when I follow up with you!”

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Excellent, glad to hear that, Matilda!

    Shared by: Matilda Phillips:

    I plan to use this idea right away. Doing so will strengthen my presentation. Thanks!

    Shared by: Kim Thompson-Pinder:

    I love the idea of putting a payday candy bar in the bag. Will have to try to find a Canadian equivalent.

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