Direct Selling Recruiting Gift Bags To Share Opportunity

Marketing your business opportunity at a direct sales home party is really just creating desire. 

When you create desire for your direct selling recruiting opportunity, people will be asking you if they can have more information.

Isn’t that what we all want?

One approach is to soft sell your business opportunity at your parties is to use the gift bag approach.

Direct Selling Recruiting Gift Bags

direct selling recruiting

You can put together your opportunity gift bag and use it at your home shows to sell your business opportunity.

It is one of the best reminder tools for you. When you prominently display your bags on the table it will be a reminder for you and a source of curiosity for your guests.

It brings value to the guest and it will create a fun way to market your opportunity without being pushy.

Gift Bag Recruiting Information

Your gift bag is really just well-packaged opportunity information.

Below is a sample list of what you need to create your opportunity bags. Your actual contents will vary based on your company’s product and recruiting materials.

You can use any recruiting & marketing tools your company offers in the bag.
gift bag sales techniques

How To Make Recruiting Packets

You can put anything in your recruiting packet that you want. This is a good starter list for the average direct sales consultant:

  • Clear bag
  • Tinsel or frilly shredded paper
  • Bright-colored card that lists “Tools in your Kit”
  • Copy of your commission check
  • Opportunity brochure
  • Opportunity CD or DVD
  • Gift: small under $1.00 item, preferably costing only pennies.
  • Decorative sticker or label with a message to hold it shut
  • Payday candy bar

Now that you have your opportunity gift bags prepared, use them at your home party to market your direct sales opportunity.  Think big! Bring at least 3 to each show.  Position one in a prominent location to develop curiosity.  This will also be a reminder to you to sprinkle recruiting words throughout your show.

Market Your Sales Opportunity

Marketing is the art, science and skill of creating more and more desire in the marketplace for your products, opportunity and services. The short definition of marketing is: creating desire!
Join The Direct Sales Recruiting University
You will create desire for your opportunity by sprinkling the benefits of your direct sales business throughout your show in a conversational manner.

Direct Selling Recruiting Tips

  • Use your opportunity bag as your prize drawing and at that time you can be more direct in your marketing approach.
  • Watch for opportunity red flags and be proactive!!
  • Plan when you are sprinkling which recruiting message.
  • Learn more recruiting – marketing strategies by taking the Direct Sales Recruiting University!

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    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Excellent, glad to hear that, Matilda!

    Shared by: Matilda Phillips:

    I plan to use this idea right away. Doing so will strengthen my presentation. Thanks!

    Shared by: Kim Thompson-Pinder:

    I love the idea of putting a payday candy bar in the bag. Will have to try to find a Canadian equivalent.


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