A Perfect Economy For Recruiting!

It is an awesome economy for recruiting!

The next time you are talking with a lead or potential recruit, don’t forget to share the income tax-reduction strategy.

Everyone is focused on financial issues. I cannot go anywhere without someone complaining about the economy.

As a direct sales professional, we have a solution.

Actually, we have two solutions to assist families in improving their financial situation.

Perfect Time For Recruiting In This Economy!

The economy is a terrific reason to start a home business! Recruiting in this economy could not be easier!
economy for recruiting
No household can survive on two incomes now, let alone one.

Direct sales is an income-generating solution that will provide two more streams of income into the home without adding another wage-earner, or requiring a member of the family to get a second or third job.

Economy For Recruiting

Using the home business income tax-reduction strategy as a recruiting tool is powerful.

Enjoy this 40 minute private training event.

Recruit With Tax Savings

With a direct sales business, home party or other methods for direct selling home business owners will generate income through their compensation plan, as well as through the ability to deduct expenses they are already paying for from their taxes.

The home office deduction is a legal system of deducting part of your home expenses as business expenses.

This creates additional cash flow in the home by reducing tax liabilities while generating income through commissions from the affiliate company.
recruiting in this economy

Home Party Plan Wave Of Future!

Home businesses are the wave of the future.

The direct sales industry, network marketing, and home party plan sales businesses are the place to be now.

The small business entrepreneur is the industry for the 21st century. When you share your opportunity as an income producing program as well as a tax-reduction strategy, you are creating a powerful recruiting tool.

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