Stop Recruiting… (DSRU #1)

This is the 1st video in the FREE version of the Direct Sales Recruiting University.

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Stop Recruiting…. Start Making Friends!

The best recruiting tip I can give you is to stop recruiting and start making friends!

This Video: Tips & Actions

  • Stop recruiting… start sharing!
  • Share the memory not the facts!
  • Write your elevator speech that can be said in less than 1 minute and share it at all your shows! (But not in elevators!)

I really got a lot out of the direct sales university. The down to earth attraction marketing technique really works!! I was so also impressed with the meeting planning tools that you gave us. I have had more people showing up at our meetings since using some of the themes and training topics you talked about.
Julie Nonemaker, Spokane, Washington
There is a total of 5 FREE training modules in the Direct Sales Recruiting University FREE version.

If you happened to of found this page randomly and are not already on the FREE DSRU list, you should read the introductory post and get on the list so that you receive the updates and links to the whole series of recruiting webinars.


    Shared by: Katie Belmont:

    I’m super excited about this! I met Deb last week at the Pink Papaya National Meet-Up and learned so much! Now I need to put it all into action. So I am going to suck up all the information I can and my goal is to explode my business and take it to the next level and beyond!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Glad to see you here, Katie! Congratulations on your follow up and in attending the PP event! It WILL pay off in multiples!

    Shared by: Suzie:

    Hi Deb, this is amazing teaching. I bought a number of your other trainings so am wondering if the university training is different to the other Show trainings I bought.

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your YouTube Channel, thanks a bunch!!!!


    Shared by: Julie Franzek:

    I’m new to direct selling and want to learn how to get others to share in the fun of being in your own business. Thanks for all your insight, Deb! Great tips, looking forward to them all!

    Shared by: Tiffany Ingram:

    I am going to really sit down and write my story. I’ve always just kind of fumbled through that part of a show or just skipped it all together and that’s always left me feeling inadequate. Looking forward to the full university! Thank you Deb.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Good for you, That is where it all started so make a powerful story…. when you start using it will naturally evolve into a better story but the first step of making a plan comes first!

    Shared by: Sonya M Bakalis:

    Thank you for this. Now to train myself everyday with the key points. Belief, Consistent, Fun, Focus and Desire.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Good, Sonya – Just keep up the education because it will always pay off provided you also take ACTION!

    Shared by: Donna Alqassar:

    Thanks Deb for providing all this valuable info. I am new to direct selling and have been searching for a place where I can learn how to grow my business and become a better recruiter. I look forward to learning more from you! Revamping my story now. Thanks again.

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