Recruiting Training For Party Plan: DSRU #4

This is the 4th installment of the FREE version of the Direct Sales Recruiting University.

If you happened to of found this page randomly, you should read the introductory post and get on the list for the party plan recruiting series so that you receive the updates and links to the whole series of recruiting webinars.

The Direct Sales Recruiting University not only teaches your sales team to recruit but you will also learn how to:

  • Find Business
  • Train Your Team
  • Increase Party Sales
  • Become Better At Getting Bookings At Your Home Party
  • Plan Meetings
  • and so much more that it would take a whole page to list all the benefits…………

FREE Recruiting Training Video #4

This video includes one tip that will change the direction of your direct sales team for ever!

A Happy DSRU Graduate:

Your training has made me grow from 1K/mo to 5K/month. To get to director, I need to get to 12K/month so I’m taking every tip to heart.

I appreciate all your teachings and every one helps me get closer to my goal.

Graciela Derry, Titusville Florida

Join The Full Direct Sales Recruiting University

Learn More About The Direct Sales Recruiting University!The full version of the Direct Sales Recruiting University continues after the FREE webinar video #5.
Did you watch the first 3 FREE recruiting training videos?

If not… start with the #1 Party Plan Recruiting Video and watch them all in order:

  • #1 – “Stop Direct Sales Business Recruiting…”
  • #2 – Attraction Marketing Is More Than Positive Thoughts!
  • #3 – The Recruiting Process & Bookings Tip

The last mini-webinar will be sent to you in a couple days.
A Happy DSRU Graduate:

My team really started getting more interviews during this series.

I like the way you encourage the team to take advantage of the upline knowledge and also the upline to train deep.”

Jasmine Smythe, FT. Worth, Texas


    Shared by: Cassandra:

    WHy are these videos from 2010? I joined for 2013 and feel like I am not getting anything new.

    Shared by: Stephenie:

    Thank you so much. I definitely need to start looking up. I think I have looked over for too long.

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