Have A Genuine Interest In People! (Part 2)

Leah Rushton, founder & designer at Youngevity & Mialisia, mother of three and long time entrepreneur, shared her passion about the direct sales industry on the CFS Home Business Radio last week.

Direct sellers must maintain the mindset of excellence and have a genuine interest in others even during the hectic holiday season.

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Have Genuine Interest In Others

The person standing in front of you could be your next recruit, your next hostess or your next best friend. Connect with genuine questions to create the opportunity to serve.

Go for friendship and the opportunity to serve will appear.
genuine interest
When you converse over the holidays, pay attention to what others say and look for the opportunity to serve them. Be sure to take notes, then during the follow up you can re-connect by opening the conversation with what was discussed.

If you give out a sample be sure to get the phone number.

Literally, hand them your phone and allow them to enter their number into your phone. This will provide them with a bit of ownership and increase the likelihood of them actually talking to you later.

Leah Rushton
Once you have been in network marketing it is very difficult to go back to a job!

Have a genuine interest in others and focus on how this business benefits your prospects.

Leah Rushton, Youngevity

When you go into the holidays with a genuine interest in other people, seek out friendship and share your passion, you WILL find people who want what you have.

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