Overcome The Gomer Pyle Syndrome

In order to a develop a team of awesome direct sales recruiting consultants you have to teach your team how to overcome the Gomer Pyle Syndrome.

Teach your team about the Gomer Pyle syndrome and chances are they will overcome it.The Gomer Pyle Syndrome

What Is The Gomer Pyle Syndrome?

Who would you prefer to have on your team Gomer Pyle or Oprah Winfrey?

If Gomer was your newest consultant, I am sure you would not be surprised when you need to hold his hand all the way.

Chances are he cannot get many of his friends to hold a show and those that do will have poor attendance and even poorer sales.

When you bring Oprah Winfrey into your home business sales team, chances are she will have awesome shows, with huge attendance and everyone buys a good bit.

In addition, Oprah already understands the power of networking.

She has a network in place already. Oprah will never quit because the products are too expensive either.

Surprise, surprise, surprise… Gomer quits because “It’s too hard!”

Train Team To Recruit UP The Ladder!

Most people have a tendency to only share their products, opportunity or services with people below them on the social Рeconomic influence scale. 

On a scale of 0-10 where do you fall on the social – economic influence scale?

Write that number down NOW!

Chances are you wrote down a number between 4-7 as your influence factor.

We tend to be more comfortable recruiting down the influence ladder.

Think about that for a minute. What will happen to your team dynamics/influence?

This is the Gomer Pyle Syndrome in a nutshell:

If you are a 7 on the influence scale then you will bring in mostly 6’s. Those people will bring in 5’s and they will bring in 4’s. Then the 4’s will bring in people who have a 3 factor of influence scale and so on.

Do you see what is happening to your team?

Team Training Recruiting

Training To Recruit UP!

Have you asked Oprah to join your team?

Why not?!

Improve your team’s recruiting results by training your team so that they have an understanding of the Gomer Pyle Syndrome.

Once they understand it the problem is half solved!

Teach your team how to LOOK UP the social Рeconomic  influence scale and ASK UP the ladder.

Teach the Gomer Pyle Syndrome at your next team meeting and follow up with role play practice on how to approach people on a higher influence level.

This recruiting training is part of the Direct Sales Recruiting University.


    Shared by: patti gurney:

    wow, some of the best advice I’ve seen. No more Gomer Pyle’s! Thx.

    Shared by: Christine Benko:

    Great advice!
    So many of us assume that anyone more affluent than ourselves don’t need or want to make more money. We also feel intimidated by trying to recruit someone who we feel is higher up on the socioeconomic scale.

    Stop that! Present yourself as a 10 and you will feel more comfortable approaching everyone.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Yes – Christine – actually someone who is a ten has TONS of connections so the answer is no if you don’t ask, what do you have to lose!?

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