Legitimate Work At Home Businesses

I got an email last week from someone who found me in the search engines asking:

I am a Mom of 3 kids and my husband and I have always been committed to having one parent at home with the kids.

I love being a stay at home Mom but now we need to boost our family income a bit since the 3rd child.
What do you recommend?

When I talk to my family they say that most of the businesses are scams. Are there legitimate work at home businesses or jobs or are they mostly scams?

Legitimate Work At Home Businesses

My first thought when I got the email was…. “I cannot believe that in this day and age people still do not trust the direct sales industry!”

Nicole, there are LOTS of legitimate work from home businesses and work at home jobs that are viable income producing opportunities!
Legitimate Work At Home Businesses
On reflection I realize that there is so much hype about the work at home industry that it isn’t any wonder that some people are still worried about it.

Direct sales IS a viable business model.

There are many direct sales companies that are legitimate work at home businesses. As a direct seller you are an outside contractor for a company that is established with a national or international brand.

This is different than a job in that with a work from home JOB you are an employee of the company as opposed to an independent contractor. There are many legitimate work at home jobs as well.

It is true that going from a stay at home Mom to a work at home mom requires some careful thought. We have several how to guides on the site that will assist anyone considering the WAH option.

Home party plan is simple but it does require some research do before getting started I suggest reading the how to guide on how to start a home party business .

There are many types of direct sales businesses and the commission structure or methods of direct sales is really what separates them from each other.

WAH Does Not Mean Pyramid Scheme

Just because you are working at home or a work at home Mom (WAHM) does not mean you are involved in a pyramid scheme.

A viable direct sales company offers products, opportunities and services and are usually registered with the Federal Trade Commission.

It is important to be able to recognize what is a pyramid scheme.

  • A pyramid scheme only sells an opportunity to sell an opportunity.

Direct Sellers Share!

I have already sent Nicole the resources linked above on this site as well as an answer to her question but we would love to have input from other direct sellers.

  • What company are you with? Put your direct sales link in the URL field in the comments form!
  • What advice and tips would you give to Nicole?
  • How has being a WAH direct seller changed your life?

Please comment below in the comment section with your WAH experiences so everyone may benefit and next time someone asks we can refer them to the words of many with a list of legitimate work at home businesses!


    Shared by: Kathy:

    Hey Nicole, Absolutely trust what everyone is saying – direct sales, party plan.. Are NOT Scams. They are very legitimate businesses. It is definitely important to find something you resonate with & are passionate about & generally it really helps a LOT if you LOVE AND USE the products.

    I’ve been with Norwex over 3 years & actually used the products for a couple years prior to joining – LOVE how they simplify cleaning, but moreso helping people get Toxic Chemicals out of their home, while saving time & money.

    Joining Norwex has truly been one of the best decisions of my life, after about 12 years in the Corporate World… I wouldn’t trade my life – & the biz that makes it possible for anything. ????

    Shared by: Karla Decramer:

    I agree with all the great ladies posting here already.

    Even though you’re working at home, it is still just like any other job that you have to touch base with daily to be successful. (And there are MANY different definitions of success!) Pick an industry with a product that you truly enjoy so you can easily share it, rather than feel like you are selling it. And check into the monthly quotas to be sure it works with your family dynamics.

    Norwex is a product that families will use every day and I was very pleased to see their core values, integrity, trust and respect were evident from day one. Click my name above to check out Norwex and visit my website!
    Good luck!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks everyone for all the tips…
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    Shared by: Kelly Scriven:

    I think, like everyone has mentioned, the important thing to remember is that working from home is still working. I absolutely love and appreciate the flexibility of my direct sales job with Steeped Tea, but I can also tell you that the more I actually work it, the more I actually make. Now, I do have more free time (in spades!) than I did working a traditional job, and I can set my own hours so I can spend precious time with my kids and then work while they are at school, asleep, etc – I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I’m not making enough to send my youngest boy to whatever preschool we choose (instead of just defaulting to the cheapest one out there), and we are also looking into buying a new, bigger house to accommodate our family thanks to my Steeped Tea income!

    I agree you have to do your homework, but above all, you need to make sure you choose to work with a company whose product you love and believe in. That will come across in every interaction you have. For me, I wanted to be with a company that was relatively new (not one where I was constantly running into “I already have a rep…”), with a consumable product so that people would be coming back for more, and responsible with its sourcing. Only you can know what’s important to you!

    My other suggestion would be that, once you decide on a company, don’t be afraid to “interview” the person you are looking to join under. Be sure you have someone you can work with as you grow your business! Good luck!!

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