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Create A Recruiting Machine!

Posted by Deb Bixler

When you create a team of consultants who understand the benefits of their business, teach them how to care enough to share and give them the skills to do it you will create a caring and sharing recruiting machine!

No software required for this recruiting system!

Direct Sales Recruiting University Team Training

recruiting machineThe Direct Sales Training Recruiting University is one of the most affordable and most duplicate-able systems of team training in the industry!

Using systems that work in all companies and all product lines (party plan or not) the University is a series of webinars which summarize the recruiting techniques that create a constantly growing team that self perpetuates long term…..

A recruiting machine!

A Happy DSRU Graduate:The Recruiting University changed my business forever. My team took so much out of it that they have been steadily growing ever since joining the University. The best part is that the new people begin to recruit faster too!

Maureen Stoltfus, Poughkeepsie, NY

The Free Recruiting University Now Available

The FREE version of the Direct Sales Recruiting University available by signing up below.

The free version of the Recruiting University takes the key components of the full program and breaks them down into 4 mini-webinars.

You will be delivered to the first module when you join.

Email – We never share your info!

The first lesson in the FREE DSRU is live so after submitting this form, you will be directed immediately to the first webinar!

Topics include:

  • Stop Recruiting and Start Sharing
  • How Attraction Marketing REALLY works!
  • Features VS Benefits Of The Opportunity
  • Find Business…. or you can not recruit!

Benefits Of A Caring And Sharing Team = The Recruiting Machine

team recruiting investmentA machine is automatic!

It happens without thought. The benefit of creating a caring and sharing team that is on auto pilot is that everyone on your team gets into the groove as they join.

A caring and sharing team is a machine because it happens effortlessly!

Enroll your whole team (15/$300) or just you (only $47) in the Direct Sales Recruiting University full version and you will create a recruiting machine! Guaranteed!

Any investments that you make in your education or in that of your team will be returned to you multiplied.

Offline just say go to for the free version!

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