Using Thermometer Questions

A direct sales recruiting thermometer question is one that gives you a reading on the readiness of your potential recruit.

When you incorporate thermometer questions into your recruiting interview it will give you a reading on when you should go for the close.

Thermometer Questions Indicate A Recruit’s Readiness

Examples of thermometer questions are:

  • When would you like to do your first show?

If they say that they have not even begun to think about that, then they are not close to being ready.

Be prepared to close the deal if your prospect says things that indicate that she/he is already thinking like a consultant.

If s/he says: “I’d like to do my first show in 3 weeks”, then the reading on the thermometer is a good chance that this person is serious.

  • Have you thought of who would host your first few shows?

When they answer this thermometer question with a list of names then they are already thinking of themselves as consultants so it is time to get the papers out to sign up!

If she/he says: “Oh, my goodness, I have not even thought of that!”, then the reading on the thermometer is that this person is really not even close to making a decision.thermometer questions

Teach Thermometer Questions

Teach your reps to ask thermometer questions.

When you or your team intersperse readiness questions throughout a conversation with an interested party you will have a good clue as to when you should attempt to close the deal.

Often new recruiters miss the window for the close. Make this a direct sales recruiting lesson at your next team meeting so that your distributors know when it is time to get out the kit agreement!

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