"Presentation Training" Posts

Perfect your home party plan presentation with these tips, techniques and training to increase sales, reduce cancellations and get more bookings.

6 Types Of Testimonials To Boost Sales

Incorporate these types of testimonials into your sales presentation to get more sales, more bookings, and more recruit leads. Testimonials sell!

Script The Show Open – A Powerful Start

direct sales consultant
Make a plan, write a party script to open show with enthusiasm. Start your home party with excitement to keep the guests engaged and book more parties!

Sylvie Drader – Make Connections At The Party

sylvie drader
Make connections at your home party to increase sales, bookings and recruit leads. Sylvie Drader shares how to become friends on the Cash Flow Show Radio.

Use Home Party Observation Guide To Improve

home party plan presentation
Use this observation guide to watch other speakers and home party consultants shows to become a more effective presenter. Download observation guide.

How To Use Adjectives In Sales

home party plan adjectives
When you learn how to use adjectives in your sales business you will make more money. Listen how to keep the guests focused you by using sales approach adjectives.

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