Home Party Presentation Observation Guide

Not everyone is born a “people person”, but if you hope to succeed as a  home party plan consultant, it’s essential that you gain a comprehensive understanding of what will lead to  public speaking success.
home party plan presentation
One of the best ways to improve your home party presentation skills is to observe other speakers and consultants.

Watch Other Speakers!

Presenting home parties is public speaking, you know!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a skill that is learned best by reading a book or listening to an audio podcast.

When it comes to public speaking and your presentation skills, the two best ways to learn the trade are: (1) to do it, and (2) to watch other people do it.

Perfect Your Home Party Presentation

Party plan presentation skills
Focus your attention on watching the other speakers to learn what they do or don’t do then apply what you learn to your very next home party.

There are public speaking events going on all around you every day, so pay attention!

Use your down time to visit other consultants shows.

You will be amazed at home many tips you can pick up from another consultant either in your company or in another company.

Listen to  Presenters Words

The first step to boosting your home party business by watching others make their presentations is to pay careful attention to what they are saying to sell their products and services to the audience.

  • What words did they rely on heavily?
  • Were there more nouns, verbs or adjectives in their presentation?
  • How did they employ emphasis?
  • What rhythm of speech did they depend upon to stand out as a direct sales consultant?

Next, Watch Their Body Language

Words are powerful but there’s another dimension of communication that will be critical in your direct sales business, and that element is body language.

Print or save this handy home party presentation observation guide to take to the show when you are observing other consultants!
Download The Home Party Presentation Worksheet
Make it a point to attend a number of different direct sales party events in your region that are hosted by leading consultants to see what they are doing – and not only saying – to make the sale and gain new distributors into their network.

  1. Do they smile a lot?
  2. Do they use their hands while they talk?
  3. Do they make a great deal of confident eye contact?

When you find a successful public speaker, try to mirror the things that they say and do and tailor them for your own dynamic approach.

Presentations Are Everywhere!

Opportunities to improve your presentation skills pop up everywhere; you just need to think creatively.

Your preachers, teachers, professional speakers, other party plan consultants, video conferences and commercials (never forget those infomercial pros!) all offer valuable insights during their “public speaking” event.

Pay attention and you will learn clever strategies that you can use in your day-to-day home business to become an extraordinary success!


    Shared by: Tracy Hawkins:

    I am a TP consultant that was on your teleclass on 1-10-13. Accepting your Challenge I have 4 parties to go to in this month to observe(4 Different companies). My first one was this past friday night.

    In the presentation the consultant held and read from her cue cards and did not make eye contact enough. Made me think she did not know the product and was not excited about what she was offering us. I thought the product was awesome.

    In the booking process she used a calendar with her available dates highlited. I liked this touch. It allowed everyone to know what was available.

    Shared by: april:

    Always be careful WHO you are watching to learn from. You only want to learn from successful people, not the UNsuccessful or mediocre. So find out who is among the best presenters in your company, then just study them carefully and emulate their presentation while infusing your own personality. No need to reinvent the wheel!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      That is a great point, April. Watching poor presenters and NOT such good sales people will also give many tips on what NOT to do! Learn what does and does not work and also remember that what works for one may not work for you… Personality plays a role too!

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