Theme Parties Increase Sales & Bookings

Your home party show must be fun for the guests.

A reputation for fun shows will bring you a steady supply of party plan sales and bookings.

Sometimes running different theme parties each month can be just what you need to create some party excitement.

2 Types Theme Parties

theme parties

If your bookings or your attendance are low, then you may want to consider theme shows.

Depending on your product line, there are a wide variety of theme shows that you can consider.

There are two types of theme shows:

  • One type revolves around a product or service and the total show changes depending upon the theme.
  • The other type is a theme that changes from the guest perspective and your presentation is always the same.

On first reading the above statement you may be confused. Let’s talk about the latter type first.

Examples of theme shows that change while your presentation remains the same are: a Mexican theme, a luau theme or a pool party theme.

In those themes, the decor, the food and beverage and maybe attire would change, possibly even the music, but your presentation would basically follow the same format.

These are the only types of theme shows that I do.
home party Theme Shows
I only run theme shows in January to give that month a special meaning and really nothing changes for me regarding the demo.

I get out my Hawaiian shirt and offer a prize for the best tropical hat or shirt, but other than that all is the same.

This is an easy way to create themes and interest in booking a show.

When you say at your show: “Next month I have two themes: Tropical Vacation and Margaritaville” you will create a sense of urgency with your guests and a desire for booking a show.

Themes – Same Show Routine

There are many home party themes that you can use and still keep the same show routine that you always use.

No need to change up your demo and complicate life!!!

  • Chocoholic City
  • Pool Party
  • Pajama Party (This was really fun! Everyone arrived in street clothes, changed when it was time to leave we all drove home in our PJs!)
  • Hospital Party
  • Disco or ’70s show or hippy attire
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Tropical Vacation
  • Margaritaville
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Patriotic Theme (I usually call this the Red, White and Blueberry party)
  • Wine and Cheese Party

Theme Parties Boost Sales

A theme show that changes your whole demo is a little more complicated and needs to be thought out a little more thoroughly.

A theme party will boost your sales if you focus on a product or service that has good value. A theme show could highlight your most valuable service or product. For example:

  • If you work for a cosmetic company, a theme show highlighting your anti-aging line might be called “The Fountain Of Youth”.
  • You could call a theme show highlighting your lipstick line “The Lip Tickler”.
  • Another example would be if a kitchen tool company consultant has a “Cookie Swap” show.

Keep in mind that a product oriented theme show should have a high end price point.

In the examples above the lipstick show sounds like fun but most likely will not necessarily generate as high sales as an anti-aging show would.

The Cookie Swap theme show will probably sell a ton of cookie presses and if the same company had a “Cook Once, Eat Twice” theme show highlighting the pots and pans then the sales would be a lot higher.

Make sure that you create a theme show around a product or service that will generate higher sales.

The inexpensive items will still sell, you just do not have to focus on them as a theme.

Seasonal Theme Shows Increase Bookings

home party business themeSome shows with seasonal appeal may also be good for sales. Seasonality always brings a sense of urgency which is good for sales and bookings.

The above-mentioned cookie show or even the wine and cheese theme may have a seasonal appeal in December that would help with bookings in a month when sales could be down. Pool parties in the summer, romance or couples parties in February, or even a men’s football party in the fall for early holiday shopping for spouses could increase party plan bookings in different seasons.

Theme shows can definitely increase bookings, so think about how you can serve the needs of your customers to create themes that would bring value to their lives and bookings to your calendar.

Share Your Theme Parties

Do you have any theme parties to add to our list? Share it below in the comment box please!


    Shared by: Amy L:

    I have a March/spring list going:
    Ides of March; Luck of the Irish; March Madness; Daylight Savings – PJ’s allowed!; Cultivate of Love of… for spring solstice; Pi Day; Bunny Hop catalog party for Easter

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Good ones, Amy – we could do an A – Z list for every month!

    Shared by: Jerold:

    Do you have any video of theme shows in action?

    Would love to see your home party in action.

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    I haven’t done many theme shows, but I do like the idea.

    Shared by: Callie Thames:

    Fabulous ideas. I am generally not a fan of theme shows, so the only thing I have done is a last chance/ first glance show at catalog changes. Maybe I will start offering theme shows during times I need to bump up my calendar!

    Shared by: Carrie Douthit:

    I have had 2 theme parties…both led to higher bookings because of the fun we had. this year I’m offering a Mardi Gras theme for March, and maybe a “Love American Style” theme for February…working on it to see how it takes shape.

    Shared by: Dawn Mulvey:

    every show I do is based on a theme. They are more fun and the guest love to take part in them. My most popular is a PJ party!!

    Shared by: Sim:

    Very keen on the idea of only offering one or two themes per month. I like themes for parties because it keeps both you and the guests motivated. If you have had several of the same people at subsequent parties, offering a theme is a way to keep them keen. Also, as a party planner, you are selling an experience more than a product, and the more fun your guests have, the more they are likely to buy!

    Shared by: Krista:

    The idea of specific themes each month is great. I like the idea of creating urgency and oing more of that at my parties.

    Shared by: Marcia Patch:

    I have offered theme parties, but like said above, too many to choose from. LOVE LOVE the idea of 1 or 2 themes per month. Did have a cookie swap in December and know that at least one guest will do that next year! As always, you’re the best!

    Shared by: Lindsay:

    I think this may be what my parties are lacking! Or where I am lacking in getting consistent bookings! I always lack in party themes…but I am definitely going to sit down and try to figure out what sort of themes will work best for my businesses!! Thanks again Deb!

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