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2016 Blog Stroll – Top 10 List:

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The #10 Most Popular Post

There are always a couple of surprises on the list and this year was no exception. I had no idea that this was such a popular topic.
The post on how to get daytime bookings rolled out in January after the topic was requested and featured on the CFS Radio.

8,036 Visitors In 2016

over saturated marketAnother newbie to the blog stroll, this article went live in December of last year.

An over-saturated market is all in your head but obviously dealing with a saturated market is a hot topic.

The # 8 Article Two Years In A Row

how to get bookings when you have noneShowing up at #8 again this year is the always popular topic of how to get bookings when you have none, with 8,317 visitors in 2016.

With 9,145 Readers – Another Surprise

What to do when a company closes down is a sad topic but an important one.
When A Company Closes Down
Please read this one carefully! It was a well visited article with only half the year to accumulate traffic!

Recruiting Gift Bags

#6 Most Popular Article

The opportunity gift bag (moving from #9 last year to #6 this year) is a great way to generate interest in your business both out and about and at the home party.

A Regular On The Blog Stroll

How To Pick A Tax AccountantWith 9,588 readers this year – this article does very well in the search engines for the keywords direct selling and tax deductions.

This post went live the very first year that the CFS launched in 2007 and has been in the blog stroll EVERY year from day one.

#4 Was Published April 2016

An article that reaches the status of the #4 most read topic of the year in only 8 months must be important!!
Facebook Scrabble is fun, engaging and increases sales in online parties.  It went live the last week of April 2016 – now that is impressive!

3rd Year On The List – Facebook Parties

facebook Deb BixlerFacebook Parties are definitely something everyone wants to get in on. With 11,008 visitors this year, this article on how to do Facebook parties went from #8 last year to #3 this year.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise – 12,371

The Dice GameI really don’t get it…. I just don’t understand why this is in the number 2 spot two years in a row!

This article brings in search engine traffic for the keyword ‘dice game’.

It Is A Big Spread From #2 To #1

23,092 visitors read the #1 most visited post on the Cash Flow Show this year!

This is no surprise but it is impressive to have over 11,000 MORE visitors than the #2 spot!

There you have it, some surprises and some not so much but all great reads!

Take the stroll, learn a few things, comment for entries and send your friends!


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