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Funny Party Stories Winners

Thank you everyone for sharing an adventure in business. Our panel of funny party story experts have picked their favorites!

  1. First Prize: Cash Flow Show Club & Bookings University: Angie Bechtold for her story about a dog humping her leg under the table at a party.
  2. 2nd Prize: All 5 $7 E-books & The Golden Book Of Scripts: Jennifer Strohmaier won for her vendor event adventure where she ran over her poster.

Personally, my fav’s were the two that took a problem situation and made it into an opportunity talk.

Jennifer Strohmaier’s poster board incident and the mismatched shoes of Vicki D. – but the panel of judges has spoken!

Thank you to our judges: Dana Wilde, Rina Valen, Heather Hernandez, Sandy Kreps, Silvie Duke and Gwen Cleck! (It was a tough task but someone had to do it!!)

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Like the time I had a 3 hour drive to a party and got stuck in traffic around DC and ended up being 3 hours LATE!! When I arrived my ladies were totally smashed (drunk) and we had one of the best parties of my career!

Or my friend, Nancy Lucas, a Pampered Chef consultant (and the oldest party plan consultant on earth) always tells the story about when she was bringing her biscuits out of the oven and the host’s pet parrot flew the coop and landed right on the baking stone!

Another one is when the rep for a chocolate company spilled a whole bowl of melted chocolate on the host’s WHITE living room carpet, then the cat and dog decided it was for them and began to lick it up then tracked chocolate prints all over the house!

Another one of mine is the tall story a host told me about why she was cancelling…. the bathtub fell through the floor from upstairs and landed in the kitchen! If that was not enough, she added that her husband got laid off and was home too and hated home parties anyway! (2 excuses means they are lying!)

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So, how about it…. what adventures have you had in party plan that may make us laugh?!

Tell us about an interesting day in your home business!


    Shared by: Misty F.:

    I often have butterflies when I present shows or to an audience but what I ended up with was very unexpected indeed.

    The presentation had only been going a few minutes but was going well: the room and enclosed porch off the garage was full, the audience was engaged, and I felt good.

    Suddenly, a piercing scream from the back of the room. Next, many participants stood up and began running from the room.

    A small, silent intruder had joined the audience—it was a bat! The bat was swooping around the room, diving and terrifying us all.

    Who would have thought that such a small event can disrupt everything? But it was tough to get back into the show experience for everyone!!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      I have seen bats at outdoor events but can imagine the fear in an enclosed area, Misty.

    Shared by: Angie Bechtold:

    My funniest party was when I was behind a tall table doing my demo to the guest. What the guest were unaware of is that the hostesses dog was frantically humping my leg lol. I tried to shake him off but finally had to drag him out on my leg and ask for help. Lol. This was not an easy task the hostess eventually had to call her husband to get him off. We had quite a laugh and continued with the party.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Well, Angie – looks like the judges LOVED your story! Thanks for sharing!

    Shared by: Denise Lahav:

    The funniest story I have is I was doing a party at my house and we were sitting in a circle in my living room. I started to introduce our odor eliminator and my dog walked into the circle and farted smelly gaseous fumes. I was able to demonstrate the odor eliminator right on the spot. It was not planned – LOL!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Perfect timing, Denise!!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      If that wasn’t perfect timing, Denise!? Higher sales than normal?

    Shared by: Shannon (embarrased to share last name):

    A public party at a fancy bowling alley in NYC.

    The party was a drinking event and they kept bringing us more and more liquor. I normally can’t eat a lot when I’m nervous and this was my first really big event as a fundraiser. I should not of drank at all but I got drunk pretty fast. I lost count….

    My mis-behavior started innocently enough: flirting with a single then showing off my moon walking on the lanes themselves, impressing all the guests.

    Sigh, I’ll never forget that day. How I even got a submittable show… I’ll never know!

    Shared by: Marion Gertshaw:

    It was 12 years ago, I was 8 months pregnant. I did my shows sitting down and at the beginning right after I sat down at the table, my water broke. Right before the show!

    It was a quick, and very messy labor on the dining room floor. The hostess called the ambulance, and they were there within 15 minutes. And that’s how my 2nd daughter was born.

    On my third child I stopped doing parties at 7 months!!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      You got picked by one of our Mom judges that can relate, Marion!

    Shared by: Linda:

    A a Pampered Chef consultant I always test drive my new recipes. I was making S’more cake the following night and carefully wrote down all cook time. One step in the recipe is to roast the marshmallows under the broiler to a toasty golden brown. About 3 1/2min. on my test drive. It was perfect and was confident presenting.

    I arrived at my party the next night, notes in hand. When it came to broiling the marshmallows…I set the timer. When I returned to the oven the marshmallows had burnt! Charcoal black! Thankfully we had a good laugh and the burned part peeled right off.

    But that story has become a conversation piece in my shows and the last time I made it I shared the story. We laughed and I popped the cake under the broiler. But I forgot the timer!! Imagine my panic when one of the guest screams, “the cake!!!” I turn to see flames!! Again, all was not lost…we peeled the top off and had a great memory! It may be awhile before I try that recipe again!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      As long as they were salvageable, right, Linda!?

    Shared by: Norma:

    Super embarrassing!!!

    Being a newer consultant I was eager to book parties with friends. One friend had been saying we need to get together so I took that as she wanted a party! She had a date and said there were about 12 friends coming, etc. I even offered to bring a treat which I did and showed up all gung ho for my stellar presentation! As I rang the doorbell and eagerly awaited my friend, she answered the door and invited me in but looked a bit confused as to my extra bags. I then proceeded to tell her – do not worry – just direct me to a table and I will do all the rest. I presented her with my “treat” and went about setting up my items all in perfect order as rehearsed at home. People began arriving and I introduced myself and again everyone had confused looks on their faces but I just took it as they did not know me yet or did not remember meeting me before. After everyone arrived, I ushered everyone into the living room and then began my spiel and introduced our lovely Hostess, etc. The party was a slow start but by the end it was a hit and I ended up with $800 in sales at my first home party! I was so proud. As everyone was mingling and eating afterwards I went about packing up each item with care and proudly told the Hostess how much she had earned in FREE products!! Her response – Norma, I am so happy for all the great FREE products but I have something to tell you. This was a girls get together – not a party! I was going to book a party with you later on but I did not have the heart to tell you and everyone had fun and loved the products! I just stood there with huge eyes. I did not know whether to cry, run or laugh. So I broke out into hysterics to the point of almost crying. We laughed and laughed until we almost peed! I was soooooooooooo embarrassed but it went off well and in the end she was so happy with the products she got for FREE!!! Lesson learned – make sure the party your Hostess is holding is indeed for you and your products! What an amazing friend…lol.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Hey Norma – this is a perfect way to add a couple shows to your calendar when slow over the holidays!!

    Shared by: Kirsty:

    Mine was turning up to a party and had host in get pjs. She had gotten her dates confused even though I had confirmed three days earlier. We just did go ahead the next night and it was A great party.

    Shared by: Sharon DeRosio:

    I will never forget the party when a goat came clip clopping right through the presentation and into the kitchen.

    We all just stared and as it turned out the hostess lets the goat in all the time like a dog but I think she said it does sleep outside but comes in to eat and hang out with the kids!!

    Shared by: George Dungan:

    This is not my story but one from an industry friend. Years ago when she was young and her Mom was a Tupperware distributor living in Alabama, she and her Mom, went to deliver product in a rural area.

    They were driving on a dirt road and there was a (from what she said) GIANT snake across the road. The tale goes that it is really bad luck to run over a snake on the road and this one was stretched across the entire path. The tried to throw stones and sticks but the guy was enjoying the sun and did not move.

    They waited 3 hours until the snake moved off the road so that they could deliver the goods!!

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