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The sweepstakes winners for the funniest business story have been picked but we would still like to hear yours!!

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Funny Party Stories Winners

Thank you everyone for sharing an adventure in business. Our panel of funny party story experts have picked their favorites!

  1. First Prize: Cash Flow Show Club & Bookings University: Angie Bechtold for her story about a dog humping her leg under the table at a party.
  2. 2nd Prize: All 5 $7 E-books & The Golden Book Of Scripts: Jennifer Strohmaier won for her vendor event adventure where she ran over her poster.

Personally, my fav’s were the two that took a problem situation and made it into an opportunity talk.

Jennifer Strohmaier’s poster board incident and the mismatched shoes of Vicki D. – but the panel of judges has spoken!

Thank you to our judges: Dana Wilde, Rina Valen, Heather Hernandez, Sandy Kreps, Silvie Duke and Gwen Cleck! (It was a tough task but someone had to do it!!)

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Like the time I had a 3 hour drive to a party and got stuck in traffic around DC and ended up being 3 hours LATE!! When I arrived my ladies were totally smashed (drunk) and we had one of the best parties of my career!

Or my friend, Nancy Lucas, a Pampered Chef consultant (and the oldest party plan consultant on earth) always tells the story about when she was bringing her biscuits out of the oven and the host’s pet parrot flew the coop and landed right on the baking stone!

Another one is when the rep for a chocolate company spilled a whole bowl of melted chocolate on the host’s WHITE living room carpet, then the cat and dog decided it was for them and began to lick it up then tracked chocolate prints all over the house!

Another one of mine is the tall story a host told me about why she was cancelling…. the bathtub fell through the floor from upstairs and landed in the kitchen! If that was not enough, she added that her husband got laid off and was home too and hated home parties anyway! (2 excuses means they are lying!)

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So, how about it…. what adventures have you had in party plan that may make us laugh?!

Tell us about an interesting day in your home business!


    Shared by: Dana Wilde:

    It was so much fun to read all of these stories! I loved hearing about how so many of you put a positive spin on strange situations! Haha! Nice work! Thanks for doing this, Deb! It was a GREAT idea! 🙂

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