Top 10 CFS Articles For 2012

The sweepstakes is over but the articles are still a good read!

Just like the many 2012 Top Ten lists that we hear about at the end of the year, the Cash Flow Show has its own Top Ten list.

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The Top CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Articles

The top 10 most visited, most read articles in 2012 include some of the top articles from last year and some that are new to the list. Here they are in reverse order! Read, enjoy and share!

Each Top Ten article will open in a new window so you can keep this page open to come back to.

Host Coaching For Party Plan Success #10

Hostess coaching for your home party is the secret to party plan success. With 7,842 visitors to the page this year, this article includes an free downloadable e-book and was the 10th most visited page on the site!

Team Training Incentives For National Conference #9

This article is the beginning of a top 10 trend on team training.

I guarantee you that this team incentive will get a higher percentage of your team to conference than ever before.

Recruiting With The Belief In The Opportunity #8

Do you believe in your home party business opportunity? Most consultants believe it is good for them but do not believe enough to share it with others.

Another article on team training… teach your team how to really believe!

“Go Hog Wild” Conference Incentive #7

The second article on incentives to get your team to conference, this article had 8,999 visitors in 2012! I see a trend here!

Visit the article “Go Hog Wild For National Conference”.

Themes For Your Home Party Show #6

home party business themeLet’s switch gears now as we move to your party presentation. The first repeat article Themes For Your Home Party was included in last year’s blog stroll!

A theme does not mean you need to change out your products!

Party Plan Presentation Techniques #5

Party Plan Presentation Techniques was #9 last year, so it has moved up the ladder. The study of your sales presentation is an often overlooked topic in training.

Home Party Bookings #4

Direct Sales Bookings UniversityNew to the list, this article achieved the prestigious position of # 4 in only 7 months. It went live on June 5th.

It is understandable though, because home party plan bookings is a hot button for all consultants!

It is the beginning of the Bookings University.

Direct Sales And Income Tax Reduction #3

As a top achiever in the search engines this page had 14,501 visitors in 2012 to date.

Direct sales and income tax reduction is a term that brings many new visitors to the CashFlowShow website.

The Business Plan And The IRS #2

Along the same lines, this page also is one that is a big SEO landing page.

Writing a business plan is essential when taking the home office deduction. The keyword that bring people to this page are home office deduction.

The #1 Most Visited/Read Direct Sales Article 2012 = Games, AGAIN!!

direct sales businessThe number one most read, visited page on the CashFlowShow, direct sales website with 17,316 unique page views in 2012 is Ideas For Home Party Games!

The exact same one that was last year’s #1 article!!!

Last year we had 3 game articles in the top 10 so glad to see that is not the case again!!

CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Blog Stroll

There you have it, the top most read/visited articles on the Cash Flow Show for 2012.

Have fun!!


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    I always spent my half an hour to read this psychic website’s articles or
    reviews everyday along with a cup of coffee.

    Shared by: Arlene:

    I Love getting any tips I can. Being new to this
    business only one year I need to thk Linda Renee for directing me to this article for tips
    and help.

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    I got here late, but I did eventually check out all the articles. You know I love the blog. 🙂

    Shared by: Margaret:

    Deductions and planting seeds for future hostesses is where I need help.

    Shared by: Margaret:

    Deductions and planting seeds for future hostesses is where I need help

    Shared by: Reece:

    So pinning this. Great info.

    Shared by: Erika Whitten:

    First off, i was Sent by EdieAnne!

    And i absolutely love all of your teachings, your facebook posts and everything you do! Your just so awesome! I have today off and I SOOO am going to read all of these articles! I could always use some more party game ideas as well! WOOHOOO!

    Shared by: EdieAnne:

    Amazing things come from people who share their knowledge. Love the game ideas, love your techniques for getting your team to believe and reach goals. i also learned so much from your business plan especially the tax deductions for home businesses. You are my mentor and I am honored. Thank you so much for being “YOU”

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