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A team that is involved in education is a growing team!

We make it easy for you to use the CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Radio for your team training and growth.

Just copy the text below and paste it in your email or social sites to send to your team on the appointed dates. SIMPLE!

A new Cash Flow Show Radio will go live on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday monthly.

The new broadcast will be posted at 8 PM EST US time on the page on the appointed day and be available 24/7 for 2 weeks.

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Cash Flow Show Club
Members of the Cash Flow Show Direct Selling Training Club get the downloads at that time and the first set is streamed into a blog post and all the audio streaming sites as well.

Each month we have a different theme based on our the early 2017 survey results. They have been scheduled in the order of most often requested and progress through the year building on each other.

Lead generation and bookings is (as usual) the top problem that those surveyed had indicated they need a solution to. The focus will be on lead generation techniques both at the party and outside the event every 4th Wednesday. The bookings/lead training shows will link to the topic of the month. (Example, April is online marketing, so on the 4 Wednesday the lead generation techniques will focus on online marketing.)

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Guaranteed Team Growth!

I GUARANTEE that your team volume, recruiting, bookings, sales and retention will increase when you share the radio show in these suggested emails with your team!

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Below Is The Calendar With Good Social Updates

  • Every 4th Wednesday: Lead Generation / Bookings that tie into the topic of the month
  • March 8-22 – Direct Sales Longevity: 4 guests on this show with 5-30 years direct sales longevity!!! FUN!
  • March 22-April 12: Learn how to get the most out of networking groups and attract people to you that want what you have to offer.
  • April 12-26: Online Marketing & Technology: Learn what it takes to connect the web and get people to YOUR website! Guest, Karen Clark will share simple tech tips to find both long distance and local jobs and customers.
  • April 26-May 10 – Online Marketing & Bookings/Leads: Deb and guest Melanie Parker will share online booking strategies and how to get party bookings with the newest & easiest online marketing technology.
  • May 10-24: Social Media & Technology: Karen Clark is back again this month with tips and techniques for effective Facebook parties as well as how to conduct social media opportunity events.
  • May 24-June 14: Social Media & Bookings/Leads: Our guest, Jennifer Fitzgerald will share her systems to follow up on the many leads that you get with social media so that your socializing time is well spent.
  • June 14-28 – Recruiting 101: Guest Dana Phillips of Team Connections and Deb Bixler discuss the basics of becoming an awesome recruiter!
  • June 28-July 12 – Online Lead Generation With Ads: This show will teach you how to find leads online for new consultants and bookings.
  • July 12-26 – Team Development: A caring and sharing team is a growing team. Teach your team to recruit from day one!
  • July 26-August 9: Booking Tips For Team Growth: No one quits with a full calendar so lets improve retention to keep the ones we have!
  • August 9-23 – Leadership Development: Learn how to motivate and inspire your team to greater levels.
  • August 23-September 13 – Booking Techniques For A Strong Team: The systematic approach to developing a strong recruiting culture always includes lead generation systems that work for all!
  • September: Team Motivation
  • October: Sales Presentations
  • October: Sales Presentations
  • December: Host Coaching


–>Listen to the Direct Sales Radio FREE [Wed ADD DATE Through ADD DATE]– Tune in to learn [ADD TOPIC]!! Listen at (or get the SmartPhone app: ‘Cash Flow Show’)

–>On the CashFlowShow Radio – Did you listen to the radio? Great ideas ON [ADD TOPIC]! Listen to “ADD TOPIC” – 24/7 through [ADD TOPIC] – Online: or get the ‘Cash Flow Show’ app

–>Listen to the Direct Sales Radio FREE – The 2nd half of the month is all about BOOKINGS! Great tip: [ADD GREAT TIP] 24/7 through [ADD DATE] Listen at (or get the SmartPhone app: ‘Cash Flow Show’)

We are in a transition and this page will be updated again soon!

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Below Is SAMPLE Email Copy

Subscribe to team leader updates above and then add each specific radio show detail to the following templates and send to your team.

  • Send Before The Date You Want Your Team To Listen



The Cash Flow Show has a new broadcast – It just went live: [ADD TITLE OF SHOW!]

Let’s all listen and discuss the tips and talk about the training [at the meeting | in the group | on a conference call].


–>Listen On The SmartPhone: Get the ‘Cash Flow Show’ app

It is easy to listen, just go to and click the LISTEN button or listen on your Smartphone by going to the marketplace and get the ‘Cash Flow Show’ app from the market place.

  • A Template To Send After You Have Listened:


Did you listen to this show? I can not believe how many great tips there are about [MONTHLY TOPIC]!

I am taking action on [ _________ ]!
This show was awesome… they covered so many things I can’t share it all so hope you listen to [ADD THE SHOW DESCRIPTION]! One take away I had was [ Add YOUR TAKE-AWAY HERE! ]

We’re talking about this show on [ADD THE DATE} [at the meeting | in the group | on a conference call] – so make sure you listen before then!!

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