Hostess Coaching CDs – Techniques That Work!

A good hostess coaching system will increase sales, reduce cancellations and keep your calendar full!

Hostess Coaching For $1000 Shows

How would you like to have a sales average of almost twice your company average?

Better yet, how would you like everyone on your team to have a sales average almost twice the company average?

That is what will happen when you use this system to guide your LIVE hostesses to $1000 dollar shows.

Hostess Coaching Will…

  • Increase sales!
  • Reduce cancellations!
  • Increase show attendance!
  • Increase bookings!

Hostess Coaching Means…

  • More people at the party!
  • More people means more fun!
  • More fun means increased sales!
  • More fun means more bookings!

Order Hostess Coaching CDs

  • Increase Your Show Average!
  • YOU Deserve $1000 Shows
  • Guaranteed!
  • Great For Team Recognition
$10 each
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Order Catalog Show CDs

  • Increase Catalog Show Sales!
  • Generate Bookings From Catalog Shows
  • Have Book Shows = LIVE Show Sales!
  • Make 1/3 Of Your Sales Catalog Orders!
$10 each
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100% Guaranteed

Sometimes someone comes into your life that changes things for you like a wrecking ball. Deb has been that person for me!.
Cheryl, Pampered Chef, Scranton, PA

Hostess Coaching Is Included In Our Premier Product

The Create A Cash Flow Show party plan sales training system includes both the live hostess coaching and catalog training programs.

Host Coaching IS The Backbone Of Party Plan!

Host coaching is literally the backbone of your business.

Without hostess coaching you will not have shows, bookings, sales, find new consultants, etc. Time spent on host coaching will pay off in all areas of your business!

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