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Getting Off To A Great Start! #4 Beginning Pay Per Webinar

Bookings University 4
The first part of the 4th DSBU training is free (linked above) then it is followed by the first paid DSBU video.

  • Start Your Business Over
  • Plan Your Practice Show
  • Top 40 People In Your Life
  • Schedule 20 Shows Using ALL Categories

DSBU #5 Setting A Solid Foundation Continued

Bookings University 5
A business that rolls along for ever has a solid foundation.

  • The Bookings Tree
  • Finding Strangers
  • The Secret To More Yeses
  • Big Impact Habits

DSBU #6 Lets Create Our Tool Box

Bookings University 6
Learn how to create desire by sharing stories in conversations everywhere you go.

  • Principles, Parables, Pictures
  • 20 Stories
  • Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Sprinkle

DSBU #7 Attraction Marketing

Bookings University 6
Marketing is art, science and skill!

  • Deb’s Definition Of Marketing
  • Starting Conversations
  • The Process
  • Why Do Tigers Show Their Teeth?

DSBU #8 The Sales Funnel

Bookings University 8
It may be old school but the sales funnel works when you understand the two concepts of it.

  • No Bookings!
  • Love NO!
  • Every Month Is Best
  • Needer Vs Leader?

DSBU #9 The Sales Funnel Continued

Bookings University 9
Tons of leads in the top, developing relationships as they drop down and the sales funnel brings you steady cash!

  • What Is A Lead?
  • Objections
  • Finding Strangers
  • Act Like A Professional!

DSBU #10 Party Plan Show Specific

Bookings University 10Learn how to get 2 or more bookings at every party!

  • Schedule More At Every Show!
  • Linking Your Parables
  • Scripting Your Open / Close

>DSBU #11 Getting Good At Overcoming Concerns

Bookings University 11It is really a concern not an objection! A concern is a problem to solve!

  • Dating At The Show
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Asking The Right Questions!

DSBU #12 Find Business 63 Different Ways

Bookings University 12 There really are unlimited bookings out there… are you willing to go out and get them?

  • Review Of Past Lead Systems
  • More Lead Generation Systems
  • Our Affirmations!

DSBU #13 Finding Business In Social Media

Bookings University 13 The LOOK of social media is constantly changing but the relationship building is pretty much the same.

  • FB Groups
  • Special Interest Lists
  • Increase Your Fan Base

DSBU #14 Maximize Your Results At Fairs And Expos

Bookings University 14 Would you rather have 10 leads that call you back or 100 that never answer the phone?

  • Finding Good Events
  • Qualifying Leads
  • Setting Up Your Booth

DSBU #15 Getting Better At Public Speaking

Bookings University 15 You ARE a public speaker already if you are in sales so you might as well use that skill for finding leads!

  • Your Topics
  • Making The Calls
  • The Speech

DSBU #16 Wrap UP & SEO

Bookings University 16 People will support fundraisers who never would come to a home party!

  • Fundraisers
  • Voicemail
  • SEO
  • Wrap Up

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