How To Succeed If 1st Party Flops!

Guest blogger, Rachel Glenn shares how a launch party flop did not stop her from succeeding in direct sales!

Rachel Glenn Tells Her Story

You all know my type; I was that guest…

I faithfully attended home parties and submitted a small order at each one. However, I was never going to host a party or consider the opportunity, never.
failed launch
Then after a family medical crisis in which I’d become primary caretaker, I wanted another stream of income, and something that could be my own. I joined my first direct sales company, and thankfully, I had a leader who told me how to begin successfully because I had no idea.

My leader urged me to book my launch parties while awaiting my kit; she recommended booking two parties two to three days apart for practice. Since she lived several states away, I was doing the demo alone based on her training.

I invited lots and lots of people to come to either of the two dates.

The first practice show party date arrived, and no one had responded. I sent the kids to the babysitter, finished the delicious snacks, and rearranged my display table while reviewing the demo cards.

Oops – A Party Flop!

No one came… But I enjoyed an hour of alone time in a clean house without my children.
The next party was two days later. It was a qualifying show with three attending and two outside orders. We played a fun bookings game, and I booked three parties. My friends were eager to support me!

When I reported the results of my parties to my leader, I was nervous and so was she. Was I done with direct sales?

Zero in attendance at the first party and three at the second. She analyzed the results by phone to help me troubleshoot and gain momentum.

I said the magic words – words every leader wants to hear from a new team member whose launch flopped – “Do you think I should have two more launch parties?”

She encouraged me to do so if I hadn’t exhausted my warm market.

Living in a small town I literally knew hundreds of people; two and half years later, I still haven’t exhausted my warm market because I didn’t dwell in that market.

Stay Committed After Party Flops

My second two parties weren’t exceptional either…

Two people came to the next party. They ordered about $20-30 together, but each booked a party. Two more came to the final one and the party qualified.

Though the beginning was bumpy, I learned early on that perseverance is the key in direct sales and future bookings are more important than initial sales.

In the beginning I also scheduled a couple more shows by doing a mini bookings blitz with a national trainer. Then from this meager start I played the dice game at every party and quickly moved to doing parties with strangers.

Leading in to the future parties I was able to coach hosts – as I wasn’t able to coach myself – to have good attendance which resulted in better sales and bookings!

Rachel Glenn
This newbie to direct sales proved that anyone can be successful with hard work, perseverance, and a good system.
Rachel Glenn, Associate Director, Clever Container
My launch parties were in July and early August of 2014 and from Labor Day weekend through holiday shipping deadline, I held at least one party a week.

Rachel Glenn is a wife, mom, organizing lady & upper level leader living at a fast pace. She is succeeding with the help of systems and by the grace of God even after her first party flops! Helping others grow businesses and leading home parties are her favorite parts of the biz.


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