Compound Interest In Business

Albert Einstein said that the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest and it is either working for you or against you!

Well, it is almost the beginning of January…

Hopefully you will use compound interest to create the successes you are planning for 2019!!

Everyone understands that compound interest applies to money.

compound interestYou can invest in something and accumulate interest which then begins to pay you interest on the interest which means that it is compounding. You are making money on your interest.

Or you can borrow money and pay interest, which when it is compounded, costs you money.

In both cases one day of interest is minor, yet when compounded it becomes huge.

Compound interest is either working for you or against you and it is your choice.

Compound Interest In Business

The principle of compound interest relates to everything it is applied to.

Just like the law of gravity (another principle), there are no exceptions.

It applies to your life, health and also to your business.

Let’s say that you eat a bag of chips today.

Chances are that it won’t kill you. If the results of poor eating choices were more immediate, then fewer people would be unhealthy, because the fear of death would stop them from continuing to make poor choices in their diets.

It is only when you eat a bag of chips every day that the choice becomes a powerful force that brings you ill health.

The choice of eating an apple today will not result in immediate health benefits, yet when eaten daily, the power will kick in and pay off with a healthy body.

Compound Interest In Direct Sales Business

Compound interest plays a role in your direct sales business too.

Make your calls today and it will affect your business a little.

Make a big impact habit of making your calls 5 days a week for the rest of your life and compound interest will become a force in your office, generating a solid and consistent stream of income.

It goes the other way too.

Skip your calls today and your business will not fold. Skip your calls continuously and your business will be shutting its doors.

Success Depends On Daily Investment

A day to day investment in your direct sales business will guarantee long term success.   One day at a time investing continuously in your business will result in success.

Albert Einstein believed that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. If it is not working for you, then it IS working against you.

In your business every choice is minor in terms of immediate results.

Yet on a long-term basis, the most powerful force in the universe will be working for you or against you…. your choice!


    Shared by: Marlene Dreifke:

    Consistency in life and business is what makes us successful in the long run. Those who ‘show up go up’ is a motto we use on our team. Invest in yourself by coming to meeting, taking webinar classes and then PUTTING THE INFO TO USE!

    Shared by: Lisa Owen:

    Very thought provoking!!! Lot’s of great info as always!

    Shared by: Bridget Heckman:

    Well first off to the posters who have been in ill health, best wishes for continued good health.
    I see this article as meaning what we invest in now, pays off in the future. But we have to invest ever day consistently, in small steps. I believe consistency is one of the keys to selling success!

    Shared by: Antoinette Mark:

    This article reminds me of the saying that we are creatures of habit when it comes to everything else, but not when it comes to our businesses.

    Shared by: Ivette Muller:

    This article was not what I thought it was! It was a good reminder about doing a little each day to have an overall effect, rather than focusing on all the things I’m “unable” to do.

    Shared by: Crystal Earley:

    This post hit me as it did Fran above. Illness has me doing the same thing. What a wonderful way to take what sometimes feels like an overwhelming feat or obstacle more manageable and attainable. I may not be able to walk 2 miles everyday, but I CAN walk some each day.

    Shared by: Fran Sparks:

    This is an especially thought provoking post for me. Haveing been ill for the past 2 months, I have gotten out of the habit of DAILY activity. Even though still tiring easily, it helps me see the importance of even “just a little” every day, so as to compound on the positive side. Thanks Deb.

    Shared by: Tami:

    I like the constant reminder… work your business like a business. And picking one thing to do in your business everyday. We all can find one thing we can do consistently.

    Shared by: Debbie Melfi:

    GREAT GREAT GREAT article !

    Shared by: Martha VanOrder:

    I am taking your diet program from the other site and can not beleive how much it is making a difference for me. Thanks for showing us this article.

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