Change Your Luck In Business!

Did you know that you can change your luck anytime you want?

Chance is an equal opportunity rewarder but luck changes based on your actions.

Change Your Luck!

Change-your-luckPeople have said to me…

  • Wow! You are really lucky – you have a high metabolism!
  • You are lucky to have a full calendar!
  • You are so lucky to have such a high show average!
  • You are really lucky to have such good health!

While we do not have total control of everything there are not many  situations that cannot be improved based on the actions you take.

I have a high metabolism because I walk a mile a day no matter what and usually do an easy 10,000 steps in a day. In addition I eat a high fiber diet which also increases one’s metabolism.

When I did 20 shows a month I always had a full calendar at least 3 months in advance because I asked 10 people a day…. 1 in 10 will say yes!

My show average was 1 -1/2 times the company average because I studied the art of presentation several hours a week. A recent blog post challenge on the topic got NO takers!!

I am definitely lucky to have my health and yet I have and continue to do many things that keep me healthy. How many portions of fruits and veggies have you eaten today?

Luck is an action! Chance is a number….

Are you willing to change your luck?

What actions can you take to become lucky in business?


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