Dear Boss…. I Am Quitting!

Dear Boss…. I Am Quitting!

Would you LOVE to be writing that Dear Boss letter?

Well then, read on to learn EXACTLY what you have to do!

Dear Boss…. I Am Quitting!

If I have been asked once how to use party plan to quit your full time job, then I have been asked 1000 times!

This is what you need to do to write your Dear Boss… I am quitting letter:

  1. Join a party plan company.
  2. Plan to perform a minimum of 2 LIVE parties a week no matter what.
  3. Write a schedule that matches your expectations.
  4. Make a commitment to date a party every day.
  5. Share your products, opportunity and services with 10 people each day.
  6. Utilize every marketing opportunity available to you to find business.
  7. Study the art of sales presentations.
  8. Offer different types of parties: IE fundraising, live, online, 1 plus 2, catalog, business luncheons, bridal parties, etc.
  9. Grow a team.
  10. Act like a leader before you are a leader.
  11. Treat your business like a professional.
  12. Keep studying!
  13. Collaborate with other direct sellers.
  14. Stay focused on your goal and NEVER, EVER QUIT!

Yes, there is work involved…. Everything good involves effort!

You must work in order to get paid.

Deb used her party plan business to quit her full time job!  She wrote her Dear Boss letter exactly 9 months after joining!

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It worked for her and countless others and it will work for you too!


    Shared by: David:

    Excellent article, Deb!

    You’re absolutely right about the work. Those people who treat their party plan or network marketing business like a business can live the lifestyles of their dreams.

    If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks for that David! It will work for anyone who works it!

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