Hand Out Business Cards By Not GETTING People To Take Your Card!

Do you go into stores with a goal to hand out business cards?

Why do direct sellers think that is OK to try to GET people to take their business card or brochure when out and about?

Think about it this way…

How would you feel if someone, say a realtor, walked up to you at the grocery store and started a conversation about the housing market then pressed her/his business card into your hand?

To Hand Out Business Cards Stop Getting People To Take Your Card!!

It is about friendship – stop trying to “get” people to do something and seek out friendship – the business will follow!


When you are always trying to GET someone to do something, you are focused on what you want!

  • Get them to buy
  • Get them to book
  • Get them to sign up
  • Get them to take your business card

Sales literally means ‘to serve’!

The whole purpose of striking up conversations out and about is to develop relationships so that you can serve their needs!

Stop trying to GET people to do something and start making friends.

Hand Out Business Cards

The more friends you have and the more value you sprinkle into relationships, the more business cards or catalogs you will GET people to take.

Hand out business cards and catalogs when out and about by seeking friendship and service – then they will ASK you for a card!!

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