Is Party Plan Out Of Style? NO!

Is party plan out of style?

Of course party plan is NOT out of style! The home party method of direct selling may be changing but it will NEVER go out of style for two reasons!

  1. The home party embodies the most important aspect of sales which is customer service.
  2. With everyone’s busy life FUN is a commodity that party plan provides!

Customer Service Is Never Out Of Style!

The virtual shopping experience and the internet have changed the party plan industry, for sure!

With Facebook parties the party plan consultant is now competing with the likes of Amazon!

The experience of dealing with a real person, online or offline, is something that cannot be replaced by a virtual chat or a text message.

The party plan consultant who is focused on customer service will thrive in the 21st century!

Customer service literally can sometimes be the only thing that sets different companies apart these days and the party plan business model is all about customer service!

A distributor who embraces technology to enhance their business, not to replace the live event, AND delivers good old-fashioned personal service will have a booming business!

Is Party Plan Out Of Style?

The home party will never be out of style as long as it is fun!!

We all socialize offline!

When you are creative, offering all of the many types of parties available to serve your multi-personality audience you will always have business!

Restaurant parties, bar parties, 1 plus 2 events, the classic home party, theme parties, pool parties, tailgate parties, fundraiser events – to name only a few types of parties that will appeal to different personalities.

Is your party fun? People pay big bucks for fun these days!!

People love to connect, get informed and learn more about the products! A fun home party is all about good customer service.

Fun and customer service will NEVER go out of style so neither will party plan!

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