Are Leaders Born Or Made?

Are good direct sales leaders born or made? This question is an ongoing debate.

I believe that you can become an effective leader if you have the desire and willingness to do so.

Good leaders must be willing to grow through the never-ending process of study, education, training, and daily experiences.
Are Leaders Born Or Made

Direct Sales Team Leaders Inspire

To be an inspiration to your team members there are certain things a sales leader must do. The good news is these skills can be acquired through ongoing work and education. Good leaders are consistently investing time and/or money to improve their leadership skills.

Leaders encourages their teams to create success by being credible and by challenging team members.  They always search for opportunities to experiment and take risks that inspire others by envisioning the future and helping others to visualize their own vision for their future.

  • A leader has personal integrity; people know they can count on them, that they follow through on commitment, avoid conflict of interest situations and adhere to the rules, regulations and ethical codes of their profession.
  • A leader is a good communicator and understands the people they’re trying to reach.
  • A leader is a masterful listener.
  • A leader has tenacity, strength of will and never gives up.
  • A leader inspires others to be the best they can be.
  • A leader demonstrates commitment to ongoing support and mentoring.
  • A leader motivates by helping people understand the value of working towards shared or personal goals.
  • A leader models enthusiasm, teamwork and authenticity.
  • A leader respects others and themselves.
  • A leader learns by continuing education and training and professional development.
  • A leader stays current in their industry and is open to learning from others.
  • A leader builds strong teams with confidence.
  • A leader enables their team to foster collaboration and strengthen others by modeling that behavior themselves.
  • A leader plans for small, ongoing successes while encouraging and celebrating accomplishments along the way.
  • A leader  maintains a positive mental attitude no matter what the circumstances and acts with initiative, courage and enthusiasm.
  • A leader has personal integrity.  People know they can count on them for follow-through on commitments.
  • A leader strives to do their best at all times, to speak in a positive and professional manner and demonstrates commitment in words, actions and appearance.
  • A leader treats people respectfully, understands and accommodates differences, and respects confidentiality.
  • A  leader leads by positive example and endlessly fosters a team environment in which all team members can reach their highest potential.
  • A leader encourages the team to reach team goals as effectively as possible, while also working tirelessly to strengthen the bonds among the various members.

You can become an effective leader by developing your skills through a never-ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.

So, are leaders born or made? The answer is both!


    Shared by: Merilyn Strange:

    Suzanne –
    I just noticed you posted today!

    Shared by: Merilyn Strange:

    Thank you for the above comments. I am glad this article is of value to many of you.
    Acquiring the knowledge and skills to train and manage your team can produce great results and can be rewarding not only in a monetary value but in personal satisfaction and achievement in helping others reach their full potential and realize their dreams.

    Holly & Suzanne- did anyone on you team decide to give Leadership a “try”?

    Shared by: Suzanne:

    An excellent encouraging article, I’m looking forward to sharing with all the members of our team.
    Sometimes people are reluctant to test the waters of leadership, thinking “I’m not” this, that, or the other thing. While some people appear to be born leaders, it is a practiced mind and skill set.
    Each person has different strengths that can contribute to their success as a leader. The most important being the desire to help others succeed.

    Shared by: Holley Cox:

    What a great article! I am going to share this with the leaders on my team in my first leadership meeting in January! Thanks for sharing!

    Shared by: Mary Hulett:

    This is a powerful list of characteristics of a good leader. I do believe that a person can LEARN to be a good leader. There are good training sessions out there and if there is a desire on the part of a person to better themself as a leader then it will happen. Thanks for sharing.

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