Leadership Mindset With Dana Wilde

On this Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio we talked with Dana Wilde about the leadership mindset!

Growing a massive sales organization takes action and that action can be leveraged to greater results when you train your brain with the leadership mindset.

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Change To The Leadership Mindset

The brain’s reticular activation system notices what you are thinking and is constantly seeking out exactly that.

If you are the person who is saying: “I am a good recruiter but I can’t develop any leaders” then your brain will be sure that is exactly what happens.

Everything that came prior to the word BUT your brain ignores and the only thing it hears is that you cannot develop leaders and therefore you won’t.

Replace what you are saying with transitional positive mantras so your reticular activation system seeks out what you want.

For example: “I am a good recruiter and more and more of my team are seeing the value in leadership” or “I am a good recruiter and I am in training to be a team leader!”

Develop The Leadership Mindset

  1. Wake up – be aware!
  2. Decide if you want your brain to keep matching what you are thinking.
  3. Find a way to talk about the current situation that feels good.
  4. Feel good.

When you do things will change and you will start to develop more leaders.

Dana Wilde
Most of us think that our thoughts and emotions are like the weather, something we have no control over…

You don’t have to believe in this, it is working for the bad or the good!

Dana Wilde, The MindAware

You are in training to have the leadership mindset!

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