Leave Your Problems At The Door!

We had a saying in my company…

Leave all your troubles in the potted plant on the porch or the flower bed outside the door before you enter the party…. if you want you can always pick them up again when you leave!

The point being that you always want to be totally present for your guests inside the party.

Your customers will not have FUN if you are not having fun!

Leave Your Problems At The Door!

I am sure you have left your home for a home party on an occasion which was not under the best of circumstances.

Kids fighting, husband mad, dishes not done, a totally stressful day…

The list is unlimited!

So, how can we suddenly switch to your happy party mode!?

Your customers deserve your full (happy) presence in the room! If you are not all there they will know it!
Leave Your Problems At The Door
Sales and bookings will suffer!

How To Do It?!

One thing is for certain – your troubles do not belong in the party!

So how do you actually leave your troubles at the door?

As you approach the home just drop them off somewhere to be retrieved later.

Touch a potted plant, a tree or a bush and say out loud:

“It is time for me to go to work and you cannot come with me!

I will be back in a couple hours and will pick you up to take back home with me after I am done!”

If you are a praying type, you could also turn them over to your higher power to watch for you until you return.

Really do it!

The actual physical contact with placing your troubles on a tree or in a pot and saying you are leaving them behind will actually FREE you up to have FUN!!

Funny thing is when you come out later to pick them up, there usually are not nearly as many as you remembered hanging up there before the party.

Why don’t you give it a try and report back on whether it makes a difference or not?

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