Overcome Challenges – Strive For Skill

The way to overcome challenges is not to wish for fewer of them, but to strive for the skills or the wisdom necessary to sail through them.

The image below was a note made by Dana Wilde at a live seminar I presented. When I looked at the poster board I said “Did I say that?” (Yes I did!!)
Be careful what you ask for!

There is a lot of focus on attracting positive things in your life!

Think positive thoughts to attract positive things….
And yet we often use affirmations that include what we want to avoid!

Such as “I am getting fewer challenges in my life” or “I am good at overcoming challenges” when the actual mantra or affirmation should not be for less of what you don’t want but more of what it takes to deal with it!

To Overcome Challenges Seek Solutions

  • Don’t seek fewer challenges, strive for more skill!
  • Don’t attempt to reduce your sarcastic tone, attempt to make those around you feel good!
  • Don’t pray for patience! Ask for acceptance!

Oftentimes our affirmations actually encourage what we don’t want. When you seek the solution rather than what you don’t want you will diminish the problem and be on a positive track.

  • Acquiring skill or wisdom will overcome challenges.
  • Being kind will negate sarcasm!
  • Looking for patience will give you more opportunities to practice being patient but seeking acceptance will give you patience.

Focus on what you DO want not what you don’t want to overcome challenges!

Below are life changing thoughts or affirmations using our examples:

  • I have the skill and wisdom to deal with everything that comes my way!
  • I am developing the skills to deal with….
  • I am kind to those around me.
  • I am in training to be a kind person.
  • I am getting better all the time at accepting situations as they present themselves.
  • I becoming more accepting and therefore am experiencing serenity more often.


    Shared by: Michelle Carroll:

    I love : I have the skill and wisdom to handle everything that comes my way.
    Doubt in that is often running in the background, but I also know that if I don’t NOW I know people who do and can help me do it!
    Thanks Deb!

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