Always Use The Positive Spin!

Jennifer Strohmaier shared her funny business story that won the Cash Flow Show sweepstakes earlier this year!

Direct sales is a real adventure and the adventurous distributor can put a positive spin on every situation!

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The Positive Spin

Last year, while rushing to unload my car at an all-day vendor event, I propped up a display opportunity poster against my car while unloading.

The vendors were asked to quickly unload and move our vehicles to a designated parking area so others could unload and set up their tables so, I found my table, dropped my equipment and headed back to move my car.

I rushed back outside to move my car then grab my opportunity poster. Imagine my dismay upon seeing huge tire tracks running diagonally across my poster!

I could have just cried… I had run over it in my rush to back up and move my car!

I decided to put a positive spin on the situation. I set up the poster on my display easel (tire tracks and all) and as customers walked by my table, I pointed to my poster and said:

Jennifer Strohmaier
People are just making tracks to my natural Watkins products.
Jennifer Strohmaier, Independent Watkins Consultant, #033260

It worked; I had a very successful vendor event.


    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    Well done Jennifer! We may be on different Teams with Watkins but it’s always great to hear of others experiences, and your always cheerful, positive Spirit is an inspiration to all who know You! 😉

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